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20 Best Low Investment Business Ideas in Hyderabad for 2023

by PoonitRathore


Hyderabad is the capital city of the southern state of Telangana. With an area of more than 650 square kilometres, Hyderabad is also the largest city in the state. Popularly known as the ‘City of Nizams,’ the state is known for its rich heritage, dynamic history, and economic importance in Telangana’s economy. Hyderabad is also known as ‘The City of Pearls’ because of its historical reputation as the global centre for trading large diamonds, emeralds, and natural pearls. Hyderabad is not only a historical and cultural landmark, but the city also has deep ties with businesses and entrepreneurship. Let us discuss what makes Hyderabad a great place to start a business and which may be the best business for you to start in the city.

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Key Insights of Hyderabad

Map of Hyderabad
Map of Hyderabad
State Telangana
Official Languages Telugu Urdu
Total Population 10,801,163
Hyderabad GDP $83.5 billion
Official Website https://hyderabad.telangana.gov.in/

List of Top Low Investment Business Ideas for Hyderabad

1. Affiliate Marketing

App illustration image featuring refer a friend
App illustration image featuring referring a friend

Affiliate marketing is the newest trend in the marketing industry. A form of Digital Marketing, Affiliate marketing involves a partnership in which an affiliate (marketer) is paid a commission for increasing the sales or leads for an online retailer. Affiliates earn a percentage of every sale they make for the retailer. These sales are tracked through special affiliate links and IDs provided to the affiliates. This technique can be done on any internet platform, which includes social media, search engines, forums, video-sharing platforms, podcasts, streaming platforms, and much more. Affiliate marketing is a great business to start in Hyderabad due to its highly educated population, good standard of living, technology penetration, and the best part, no investment is required to start an affiliate marketing business.

2. IT Consulting

Illustration of a computer
Illustration of a computer

If you deeply understand the IT industry, you can start IT consulting easily in Hyderabad. HITEC city is famous for its IT climate. You can use your engineering knowledge to build a successful startup and start providing your services to small companies. Eventually, you could build your business and provide services to bigger national and international firms. IT Consulting includes activities like SAP, Workday, Salesforce, .NET Stack, Database Architect, mobile development, etc.

3. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen
Cloud Kitchen

Starting a cloud kitchen is a great low-investment business idea. You can set up your cloud kitchen in your existing kitchen and don’t necessarily have to invest in a location. You can tie up with food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy to get your parcels delivered.

4. Web Development Services

Web Development
Web Development

Nowadays, every business needs a website to reach out to its potential customers. And every now and then some business is looking for an experienced website designer and developer who can create eye-catching websites for them.

If you have the right skills and can create something out of the box, then you can offer your services as a web developer.

5. Online Store

Online Store Illustration
Online Store Illustration

Creating an online store in today’s world is one of the most lucrative business idea. Your online store can offer retail products, FMCG products, or about any kind of service. And with the right marketing techniques you can reach out to your potential customers across the country and even internationally.

Here are the steps to start an online store:

  • Choose a niche and define your target audience
  • Choose your products
  • Create a brand name and brand assets
  • Register your business
  • Choose an e-commerce platform
  • Design your website
  • Optimize your website
  • Launch your store

6. Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery
Grocery Delivery

The FMCG industry in India is expected to reach USD 220 billion in 2025 which means that the demand for FMCG is ever-increasing. And this is the right time to tap into the industry by offering grocery delivery services.

With your grocery delivery services, you can get groceries delivered to people’s doorstep and help them save time and effort while you can earn some good money with it.

7. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist

If makeup is your forte, then you can offer at-home makeup and hairstyling services as a freelancer. You can build your portfolio as a makeup artist along the way and even offer your services for events and get paid.

You can start by doing natural makeup, bridal makeup, evening makeup, etc. and build your clientele.

8. Blogging

Blogging Illustration
Blogging Illustration

Starting a blog is probably one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Setting up a blog requires little to no investment and can earn you thousands of dollars in the long run. However, building authority in your domain and gaining a good following might take some. Furthermore, you have to be consistent in posting quality content and putting in all your hard work.

Once you have a good viewership, you can go towards monetizing your blogs by selling digital or physical products, placing ads or through affiliate marketing.

9. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Icons
Social Media Icons

Today every business is focusing more on moment marketing, which is keeping up with trends and making sure their content is up to date. Due to this, there is always demand for social media consultants.

If you are good with social media strategy making and problem-solving then you can offer your services to improve, optimize and grow the social media channels of your clients as a social media consultant.

10. Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Illustration
Digital Marketing Illustration

Today, people spend more time on social media and on search engines like Google, to stay updated about current affairs or to get information about any topic. Starting a digital marketing agency can be a good opportunity for you to earn money.

As a digital marketer, you can help businesses with planning the overall strategy or with content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.

List of Top Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad

1. Tourism Industry

Travel image featuring places around the world
Travel images featuring places around the world

Hyderabad is a hub for tourists. With culturally and historically important locations like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Birla Mandir, Mecca Masjid, and natural locations like Nehru Zoological Park, Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park, Hyderabad is a treat for travelers. Entrepreneurs can venture into different tourism businesses differing based on their budget and risk-taking ability. Some tourism industry businesses include café, restaurants, tour agents, hotels, travel guides, transportation services, etc. Looking to start a business in Bihar but don’t know where to start? Do have a look at our guide featuring the most popular business ideas in Bihar.

2. Vehicle Rentals

Illustration of a car
Illustration of a car

Since Hyderabad is a relatively developed city and people have higher expenses, the public generally only considers buying a vehicle. This gives vehicle rentals a good scope in the City of Nizams. Residents as well as travelers both like rent two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers to roam around the city for different purposes. You can start with a small investment amount to buy a couple of vehicles and gradually build your way up.

3. Event Management

illustration of a event calendar
Illustration of an event calendar

Hyderabad’s metropolitan region has more than one crore population. Due to the high standard of living and comparatively lesser time on their hands, people often like to delegate the process of organizing events. Event Management business can be a profitable endeavour in Hyderabad since it can provide a high return on investment. All you need is a creative mind and people skills, and you will be on your way. You can organize events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc., and manage everything related to the events, like location, catering, accommodation, guests, etc.

Moreover, for those who are looking to start a business in Assam but got fewer funds, we have featured some of the top low investment business ideas in Assam on our latest blog. Do have a look.

4. Street Food

Illustration of a street food stall
Illustration of a street food stall

Despite what many people think about it, street food is a very profitable business in Hyderabad and any location across India. Indians are traditionally food lovers. Hyderabad has several mouth-watering native dishes like Hyderabadi Biryani, Keema Samosa, Hyderabadi Khichdi, Irani Chai, and much more. You can certainly open a street food outlet in Hyderabad to provide people with hygienic and tasty indigenous delicacies. You can start this business as a food truck or a small outlet or go all in to create a large restaurant for your business.

Business Ideas for Other States:

5. Manufacturing

Illustration of a factory
Illustration of a factory

This recommendation is for people with a lot of cash to invest in their businesses. Hyderabad is a good place to start a manufacturing business due to good connectivity, a business-friendly climate, and the availability of resources. You can venture into industries like Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Mines, and minerals. You may require a large amount of working capital for this business, so decide accordingly.

6. Franchise

Illustration featuring person giving water to money tree
Illustration featuring a person giving water to a money tree

As we mentioned above, Hyderabad is a relatively rich city. The city’s GDP stands at $75 billion, making it the sixth richest city in the country. Many international and national brands look for good locations to start their franchise. You can help these companies set up their business in Hyderabad and charge commissions for your services, including day-to-day handling, infrastructure development, customer acquisition, labour management, etc.

7. Print-on-Demand Business

Printed Mug with a motivational quote
Printed Mug with a motivational quote

The demand for customized items, especially for gifting, is always on the rise and starting a print-on-demand business can be a profitable option. You can offer a wide range of customizable items like bags, mugs, t-shirts, wall art, socks, etc. You can collaborate with a supplier who specializes in customizing white-label products and whenever a purchase a made, the supplier can print the design accordingly to the number of products ordered.

Once the design is printed, the supplier will only take care of packing and shipping the products to the end customer.

8. Catering Business

Catering Business
Catering Business

If you have a passion for cooking, you can start a catering business in Hyderabad. And when you are successful enough, scaling up a catering business could be a highly profitable option. Word-of-mouth advertising and collaborating with other experienced caterers are the greatest ways for a small-scale catering business to build a loyal customer base.

9. Packers and Movers Services

Packers and Movers Services
Packers and Movers Services

You might consider starting a packing and moving company, which could prove to be a profitable venture. In addition, you might charge the customer for temporary storage. The lack of relocation services in Hyderabad at the moment makes this business idea highly likely to succeed.

10. Selling Handicrafts


Hyderabad is well known for its crafts. You can run a handicrafts business where you could sell to both locals and visitors. And you can even run your handicraft business online and reach out to people from all over the world. You can make pearl jewelry, silver-inlaid bidriware, wooden figures of Hindu gods and goddesses, Kalamkari paintings, lacquerware and much more. 

Furthermore, we have also walked through some of the successful unique business ideas in village on our recent blog. Do give it a read and get ideas for your new venture.

Why Should you Choose Hyderabad to Start a Business?

1. Good Education: Hyderabad has a long history of being recognized as a city that offers top-notch, high-quality education. Some institutions that are known countrywide for providing the best education are Jamia Nizamia, Osmania University, and the University of Hyderabad. These famous universities can offer an excellent infrastructure for education-based technology because Hyderabad is known as a technology centre. Several of these schools are already technologically advanced or tolerant.

2. Breeding ground for Startups: Hyderabad offers investors and businesspeople several tempting investment options. The business climate supports small-scale industries, ensuring that the economy is diverse. Some of the biggest international corporations in India are based in Hyderabad. Due to this, Hyderabad is among the top cities in India to launch a business.

3. Good Infrastructure: Being the capital of Telangana, Hyderabad has a thriving manufacturing, IT, and tourism industry. Hyderabad provides business owners with several advantages and incentives. The city is ideally suited for creating startups thanks to its well-maintained roadways, cutting-edge infrastructure, and availability of educated and skilled IT employees.

4. HITEC City: HITEC is another name for the heart of the city. This amazing business-friendly city has been formed keeping in mind the nation’s technological boom and increased IT requirements. Through HITEC City, Hyderabad aims to become a powerhouse of the IT support industry and facilitate technological development in the country.

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Hyderabad is a great place to live, vacation, or build a business. All you need is an idea, investment, and business passion. Well, we have assured you that you have some of the top ideas to start a business. All that is left for you to start working towards building your company. So, good luck!


Which business is best to start in Hyderabad?

Some of the best businesses to start in Hyderabad are Affiliate Marketing, Tourism, Vehicle rentals, Event Management, Manufacturing and IT consulting.

What are the most successful small businesses?

Most successful small businesses include Dropshipping, Home rental, Online courses, Bookkeeping, Graphic designing and Digital Agency.

Which area is best for business in Hyderabad?

HITEC City is the best location for business in Hyderabad.


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