Parliamentary system vs. Presidential System

Reading Time: 4 minutes Queen Elizabeth II, Hans Adam II, Salman of Saudi Arabia, Akbar or Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who were they? All these were the monarch who ruled their countries. Monarchy was the form of government recognized all around the world. A renowned phrase “Raja ka beta hi raja banega” was the concept of monarchy. …

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Is Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) worth claiming?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Shimla, Manali or Goa, where are you traveling for a vacation in the upcoming new year? What if I tell you that by traveling to your favourite destination you can save a lot of tax? Yes, this is true. Now you might be thinking, how is this possible? It is possible in a Leave Travel …

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Everything about Fund of Funds, GETF and Offshore Schemes

Reading Time: 4 minutes Having a limited amount of money as savings often leads to confusion about where it can be invested or kept aside. People with any amount of savings often come across questions like, “Should I store it in the house? Should I put it in the bank? Or should I keep that money in the bank …

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27 Best Sites Like Amazon (Some Better & Cheaper!)

Reading Time: 10 minutes While there are Amazon alternatives out there, Amazon is the biggest online retailer and one of the to find stuff at low prices. I’m always buying stuff there. Factor in that I’m also a Prime member, so I get free shipping too! So it works out well. There are plenty of sites like Amazon but …

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Solution Oriented Mutual Funds and Its types

Reading Time: 4 minutes Saving money is highly advised and accepted practice all across the globe. People who work and earn money, keep some amount of their hard-earned income to save for their future plans like retirement, marriages, education of their own or of their child. In India, people save money in banks as fixed deposits (FD) for a …

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