Highway Saathi App Download Link- Passengers will not be able to travel without the Highway companion app.

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The Government of India is issuing all the facilities related to the movement of vehicles plying on the roads and at the same time it is also setting some necessary rules for vehicles. The government has recently launched cashless facility on toll points and in this facility, the drivers will have to install fastag sticker on their vehicle and pay the toll toll test through fastag sticker itself. Will be done from The government has built a highway companion app to run on the Yamuna Expressway and if you are going on the Yamuna Expressway, you must use the highway Saathi app otherwise it may take necessary action.

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Information of Highway Saathi App

What is a Highway Saathi app?

If you travel on the Yamuna Expressway and you travel mostly through a four wheeler, then you must have the highway Saathi app installed on your phone. This application will be able to be used only on Yamuna Expressway by the driver and this application will be valid for four wheeler and two wheeler vehicles. Through the application, the government wants to reduce accidents on the Yamuna Expressway and provide safe travel to the drivers. If you will not use this application on Yamuna Expressway, then you can be caught by the traffic police and you may face some legal proceedings along with the required challan.

Why is the Highway Saathi app necessary?

If you are traveling on Yamuna Expressway, then you will have to use the highway Saathi app to make this journey a success and without the application you will not be able to travel on Yamuna Expressway. If you have installed this application in your phone and you have reached the Yamuna Expressway, then your phone will automatically connect to the express way and you will get protection from this road accident accident through this application. Will start happening.

Through this application, accidents on the expressway will be reduced and almost all types of vehicles will be connected to the highway Saathi app, which will provide safety to the drivers.

If the driver will use this application in his phone, as soon as he connects to the express highway, then the activities of the vehicle will be visible to the officials connected with the express way. In this, the officer related to the control room can easily see the driver’s name, mobile number, vehicle number and other necessary information.

If any type of accident happens on the Yamuna Expressway, the Expressway Authority will immediately track the person who crashed and will be able to provide assistance in time, which will reduce the risk of life and property as well. Greater Noida Authority and Agra Yamuna All phones of all types of vehicle phone drivers will be checked at all toll booths of the expressway and this application will be checked.

Booths will be constructed all over the Yamuna Expressway from place to place and these applications will be installed in the drivers’ phones and the way forward will be ensured by the Authority only for the drivers. Today, along with FastTrack in the country, now the highway companion app has also been made mandatory for drivers.

Best features of the Highway Saathi app?

It will be mandatory to use all two wheeled four wheelers operating on this expressway and without this application you will not be able to travel on the expressway.

As soon as a driver connects on the Yamuna Expressway, through this application all the authorities of the expressway will be connected to that driver and will track all his movements.

All the necessary data of the driver will start showing the vehicles running on the expressway with the Yamuna Expressway Authority and the name of the driver, the mobile number of the driver and the number of the vehicle of the driver will also be received by the highway authority. .

Through this application, the incident of countless vehicles occurring on the Yamuna Expressway can be controlled and, in time, they can also be provided with the necessary support.

All the booths built on Yamuna Expressway will be screened along with the Fast Track application as well as the highway Saathi app and only then will the drivers get permission to travel further.

Often accidents on the Yamuna Expressway due to oil speed and fog can be reduced and a safe journey can be provided to the drivers.

The Highway Saathi app can be used absolutely free and it will not have to pay any extra charge to the drivers, just for their safety this application has been made by the government.
The government wants to reduce the risks on the Yamuna Expressway and provide safe travel to all the two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers driving. Technology related system is being used by the government and this will enable the driver to travel absolutely free and safe. Keep in mind that if you are going to the Yamuna Expressway, you must use the FastTrack as well as the highway Saathi app on your phone and only then you will be allowed to travel further by the Authority.

Application Name: Highway Sathi app

Application launched : February year 2021

Benefit of application: Controlling incidents of accidents and other vehicles on the Yamuna Expressway and providing travel to safe passengers

Download the application : Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store

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Highway App FAQ:

Q: What is a highway Saathi app?

ANS: – Highway companion app provides protection to vehicles plying on Yamuna Expressway and using modern technology, the government is trying to control and prevent countless incidents on Yamuna Expressway.

Q: Who launched the highway Saathi app?
ANS: – This application has been launched by Yamuna Expressway Authority for safety of drivers.

Q: What are the main features of the highway Saathi app?

ANS: – As soon as any driver will connect to Yamuna Expressway and this application will be pre-installed in his phone, then all the necessary information of that driver will reach the officer of Yamuna Expressway Authority and all the activities of the authority driver Will be able to track easily.

Q: Is this application required to be installed in the phone to run on Yamuna Expressway?

ANS: – Absolutely without a highway Saathi app, none of your drivers can travel on the Yamuna Expressway.

Q: Do drivers have to pay any extra charges for using the highway Saathi app?
ANS: – Not at all, it will be completely free.

Q: Where to download the highway Saathi app?
ANS: – You can download and use the highway Saathi app from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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Highway Saathi app
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