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Christmas Shayari – Christmas Shayari 2023 – Poonit Rathore

by PoonitRathore
Christmas Shayari - Christmas Shayari 2023

Happy Shayari 2023 in English: Every year on December 25, the festival of Christmas or Christmas is celebrated with great pomp. People from all over the world celebrate this festival Birthday of Jesus Christ Let’s celebrate on the occasion of. Since it is a Christian festival, it is mainly celebrated by the people of the Christian religion.

People of Eastern Christians who use the Julian system consider January 7 as Christmas according to their Gregorian calendar. And some Armenian churches celebrate Christmas on January 6.

Despite so many differences, on December 25 itself, most of the people of the world celebrate on the basis of Christmas and go to church and pray. In the night, all the relatives of the family organize a meal together.

Christmas On this auspicious occasion of poetry on Christmas Presenting (Shayari on Christmas Day in Hindi) which you can easily share with your friends and close people and wish them on Christmas Day. But to celebrate this festival properly, you must listen to some poetry on Christmas. Then without delay let’s start.

Best Christmas Shayari  2023

This lovely Christmas festival
bring immense happiness in life
Santa Claus came to your door
accept our best wishes

Happiness is happiness all around,
May the darkness of sorrow be far away,
Lots of happiness to your family,
Noor rained on Christmas…
Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas Shayari 

Whatever dreams you have in your eyes
Whatever desires are hidden in the heart
May this Christmas festival make them come true
On Christmas, here are our best wishes to you!

What should I ask God for you,
May happiness always be your way,
May the smile remain on your face like this,
The way the fragrance accompanies the flower.
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Shayari 2023 

The moon has spread its moonlight,
And the stars have decorated the sky,
Taking the gift of peace and love,
look the Christmas festival has come

Christmas has come, Christmas has come
Children’s mind is tempted.
Santa Claus will come, bring new toys.
Santa Claus called, come Annie,
come penny, come, Johnny, come to John,
This is the day of remembrance of Jesus,
This is the day of love for children.

Happy Christmas Shayari

Always stay away from the shadows of sorrow,
Never face loneliness
May your every wish and every dream come true,
This is my prayer from the bottom of my heart…

This lovely Christmas festival,
Bring immense happiness in life,
Santa Claus came to your door,
Please accept our best wishes…
Merry Christmas

Christmas Special Shayari to wish Jesus Birth on 25 December

Have a Christmas night
Everyone should be with their loved ones,
hand in hand,
May it rain happiness on everyone.

Santa came, brought thousands of happiness,
Gifts for the kids and lots of love,
May there be an outpouring of happiness for all of you,
Happy Christmas to you.

Christmas Shayari

What should I ask God for you,
May happiness always be your way,
May the smile remain on your face like this,
Play with Khushboo Phool the way you do.
Merry Christmas day

May God bring such Christmas again and again,
Put four moons in the Christmas party,
Meet Santa Claus every day,
And every day you get new gifts

Christmas Wishes Shayari 

no sending card
not sending any flowers
only sincerely you
Sending you Christmas wishes.

Happy Christmas Shayari

Here comes what I was waiting for
Say it all together my friend,
December has brought Christmas spring,
Happy Christmas to you my friend…
Merry Christmas

I sincerely hope that you like what is written here Shayari on Christmas Would have liked it very much. If you also want, you can use these Christmas Shayari to wish your friends and relatives.

When is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year.

What did you learn today?

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This will also save them time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts regarding this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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