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(CNG Tractor: India)

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari unveiled India’s first CNG tractor that can reportedly save over ₹1 lakh annually on fuel costs, according to the government. The new tractor introduced today has been converted to CNG from diesel. Union Minister Gadkari is the owns the tractor that was converted to CNG and he was awarded the registration certificate by Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel.

The conversion was carried out jointly by Rawmatt Techno Solutions & Tomasetto Achille India. The government claims that it will help farmers increase their income by lowering operating costs. The government will start establishing retro fitment centres for CNG kits on tractors. The govt plans to set up such centres in every district.

Union Ministers Dharmendra Pradhan, Narendra Singh Tomar, Parshottam Rupala and V K Singh were also present at the launch.

According to the government, the new alternate fuel will help save up to ₹1.5 lakh annually on just fuel costs for farmers dependent on tractors for farming. Apart from the pricing, the government claims the benefits of conversion to CNG, is that it is a clean fuel that has the lowest content of carbon and other pollutants.

CNG prices are more consistent as well in comparison to the fluctuating petrol prices; also the average mileage of CNG vehicles is better than that of diesel/petrol-driven vehicles.

SPEED!!! Yes…You heard that tortoise and rabbit story right ?

Sorry to break it to you…in Capitalism “Slow and steady Don’t win the Race”

The name of the Game is “SPEED”

There’s only 2 things Your dear investors are going to care about:

1. how big You can become?
2. How fact you can become that?

Have a clear cut answer if you’re expecting to raise money from VCs.

Just 15 years ago…not too much we had a BSNL phone with Tower!!! I was Born in 2003 and i still remember my dad had bought a Sim card for 4,000₹ in maybe 2007 or 8.

Targen was our favourite movie and we used to say…it can’t happen in real life. But how coll it would be naa if it happens?

And today…Tesla, Google did that!!! Just 10 years Down the line.

From Not even having a normal Nikia or BSNL phone 15-16 years ago!! To today…doing Facetime!!!

I’m a big history fan…the reason i love to study history is because it tells me what’s going to happen in Future…

More than 90% of the fortune 500 companies of 1990 are Closed Now!!!

That Reminds me of Bill Gate’s Quote:

“Entrepreneurship is the toughest sport in the world, any kid sitting thousands of miles away could be working at 1 AM while you’re sleeping to take You Out of Business”

Change with time or time will not gibe you 2nd choice!!! And it is for good…

Remember there was a time when trains 🚂 used to run of COAL. One day we would have run out of Coal. Innovation saved us.

Today…electric cars and this kind of technology is saving Petroleum and all the crude Oil and Natural respouses of that nature.

I don’t have any lesson to give you and say “Do this” instead i just tried to take you in history and then in future and now i’m taking you back to present to remind:

“innovation isn’t stopping, and everything is not invented yet. You just need to Find it… “Convenience” is the word.”

Yes it’s same old caption!!! But in life somethings are worth repeating…

Peace out ✌️

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My name is Poonit Rathore. I am a Professional Blogger ,Eco-writer, Freelancer. Currently I am persuing my CMA final from ICAI.. I live in India.


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