Corona Virus: Are You Sanitizer Fake Or Adulterated?

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The Consumer Guidance Society of India has announced that the sanitizers used in Mumbai, including Mumbai, are of poor quality. The society found that only a few have come to the market to earn profits and the quality of their products is not good.

Sanitizers have become an important part of our life. We use sanitizer as a shield to fight the corona virus. When we go to work or travel, we use sanitizer. Corona virus is spreading more, so along with it the demand of sanitizer is also increasing every day.

Some companies have started taking advantage of these conditions. Many mess products are being sold in the market in the name of sanitizer.

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Many types of sanitizers
There are several types of sanitizers available in the market, with some claiming that “they can kill 99.9 percent of the virus”, with some saying “their sanitizer is fragrant”, while many say “their sanitizer is alcohol-based is”.
But are you using the right sanitizer? Does the sanitizer also have any side-effects? Do sanitizers suit your skin? All these questions are important, because many cheap and adulterated sanitizers are being found in the market.

More than half adulterated
According to a study by the Consumer Guidance Society of India, an organization working for the rights of customers, more than half of the sanitizers selected for the study were adulterated. These samples were taken from Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

What does the Consumer Guidance Society of India study say?

122 samples of sanitizers were selected for the investigation.
45 samples were found to be adulterated.
5 samples had methanol which is harmful for humans.
The composition was according to the label written on them in 59 samples.

(Source: BBC news Hindi)

Honorary Secretary of the Consumer Guidance Society of India, Dr. M.S. Kamath told the BBC about this, “Gas chromatography tests were carried out on 120 samples brought from the market, out of which 45 samples were found adulterated. This means that the description written on their label does not match it.”

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Dr. Kamath said, “The most dangerous thing is that methyl alcohol was banned in five sample sanitizers. Despite the ban on the use of methyl alcohol, it is openly used. Sanitizers are being made using methyl alcohol which can improve people’s health.” Is harmful. “
What is Methyl Alcohol?
According to the US-based Center for Disease Control (CDC), methyl alcohol is a poisonous substance. This can cause damage to the skin, eyes and lungs. It can harm people exposed to methyl alcohol. It is used in the production of plastics, polyester and solvents.

Doctor Kamath explains, “Methyl alcohol can penetrate your skin, it can cause harm. If it comes in contact with the eyes, it can cause damage to the eyes. Also, it can cause vomiting, headaches and more Contact can lead to death. “

Dr. Rinke Kapoor, a dermatologist and surgeon, says, “It has been found out that many traders are selling fake sanitizers to profit from the increasing demand for sanitizers. These fake sanitizers can harm the skin. So, Great care must be taken when purchasing sanitizers from the store. “

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Corona Virus: Are You Using the Right Sanitizer?
Government’s role regarding sanitizer
Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope told BBC Marathi, “It is not right to use inferior quality sanitizer. The World Health Organization has given a formula for sanitizer. And according to that it should be produced. If we reduce it, it will not work. It will be controlled by raiding. The Food and Drugs Administration has been given necessary orders to take action against it. “

Dr. Kamath says, “The central government has taken cognizance of our study. The government has asked us to give complete information. We have submitted our report to the Food and Drugs Administration. The government needs to take steps in this matter soon . It is a matter of public health. “

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Dr. Kapoor says, “”Under the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Central Government, the sanitizer should not have an odor. The expiry date should be clearly written on it, the manufacturer’s license number should be clearly written. Also the PH The level should be 6-8 percent and the ability to kill microbes should be around 99.9 percent. “
Which sanitizer should I buy?
Dr Bindu Sthalekar, a dermatologist in Mumbai, tells the BBC, “People should take the necessary precautions when buying a sanitizer. The amount of ethyl alcohol in the sanitizer is more than 70 percent. Sometimes alcohol can make hands dry. So a glycerin sanitizer is fine. Also those who are often allergic should not use fragrant sanitizers. “

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How to know which sanitizer is good at home and which is bad?

Dr. Kapoor says, “You can find out whether the sanitizer is good for use or not. For this, you have to take wheat flour in a spoon. If the flour chip If the dough becomes sticky then the sanitizer is not good. And if the dough remains dry then the sanitizer is fine for use. “

Corona Virus: Are You Using the Right Sanitizer?
Researchers receive threatening phone calls

Dr. Kamath of the Consumer Guidance Society of India says, “When we reported on the sanitizer, then I got 4-5 threatening calls. It is normal to get such calls after such research. They threatened us That he will prosecute the defamation, he said that we have given the wrong information and we should clear it. We got many such calls. But we worked for the people without being afraid of such threats. “

What precautions should be taken

Non-alcoholic products are not useful against Kovid-19.
Keep sanitizers away from children.
The injection may cause poisonous effects.
The name of the company and expiry date should be seen while purchasing the sanitizer.
Before buying a sanitizer, people should read the printed instructions on it carefully.

Thank you, Stay safe and healthy!

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