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How Kaurava Birth History in Hindi was born?

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How Kaurava Birth History in Hindi was born
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How Kaurava Birth History in Hindi was born? Do read the interesting story related to the birth of Kaurava so that you will know that Kauravas were not hundred, but one hundred and two.

You might be surprised to hear that how can one child be a child of the same mother? Mata Gandhari and Dhritarashtra had one child, who was called Kaurava in the Mahabharata period. Know the whole secret behind it

Kaurav Birth

How were two Kauravas born?
Kaurava Birth History in English

Gandhari, who was the daughter of the Gandhar king and a Shiva devotee. Gandhari had engaged his mind in Shiva devotion since his childhood, due to which Lord Shiva gave him the boon of sons. Gandhari was married to Dhritarashtra, son of Vichitravirya, who was blind since birth. Dhritarashtra wished that his wife should have eyes so that she could see the world with his eyes, could manage the kingdom. But as soon as Gandhari got the marriage proposal. She took the promise of tying a leaf on her eyes for a lifetime before marriage, keeping her husbandhood paramount, which made Dhritarashtra very angry because Dhritarashtra was not made the king of Hastinapur and Pandu was ruled as Tilak.

Due to his anger, Dhritarashtra decided not to let Gandhari come near him. After knowing this, Shakuni, who was the brother of Gandhari, told Dhritarashtra about the boon of Shiva and said that your son will fulfill your dreams and he will never be defeated because of his 99 brothers. Hearing this, ambitious Dhritarashtra saw a way to fulfill his wish. So Dhritarashtra accepted Gandhari as his wife.

After which Gandhari got more than 10 months of conception but she did not have delivery. After 15 months, a large piece of moss occurred in delivery to Gandhari. Due to which Satyavati and Dhritarashtra gave him a lot of courage. Angry Dhritarashtra formed a relationship with Gandhari’s beloved maid for the purpose of giving more trouble to his wife.

At the same time, Maharishi Ved Vyas reached Hastinapur and he told that it is not possible for the birth of sons from the womb of a woman, but the boon of Shiva is not wasted so it is not a piece of meat but it contains seeds of one of the children of Gandhari. Gandhari also wished a daughter to God in his boon, thus he has the fortune of one child.

After this, Maharishi Ved Vyas created a womb-like atmosphere in one of the mats. After this, the first son born was named Duryodhana. After this, the maid also got a son. Therefore, the number of Kauravas was not one or two, in which the sister Dundala and her children were children of Gandhari and one of her maids.

This was the truth related to Kauravo’s birth. The war of Mahabharata was fought to protect religion, in which the Kauravas were unrighteous and the Pandavas were righteous. Maharishi Ved Vyas, the creator of this Mahabharata, was written by Ganapathi himself on his speech, and the creator of this Mahabharata was Shri Krishna himself who guided the Pandavas in this battle of religion.

How were two Kauravas born? Kaurav Birth History In Hindi, interesting stories related to the birth of Kaurava, how should you like to comment it? Stay connected with us to know the Mahabharata story and the facts related to them, and if you also know a similar incident, write us in the comment box.

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How Kaurava Birth History in Hindi was born
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