How to do candle business from home? Learn from Sakshi Singh, founder of That Candle Store – Poonit Rathore

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How to do candle business from home? Learn from Sakshi Singh, founder of That Candle Store - Poonit Rathore
How to do candle business from home? Learn from Sakshi Singh, founder of That Candle Store – Poonit Rathore

If you are fond of making candles, then you can make this hobby your business too, how? Telling, Sakshi Singh, who runs an online candle business named That Candle Store in Mumbai. 

Sakshi Singh, 23, from Mumbai has been running her candle business from her home for the last one and a half years. For this, he did not do much investment or marketing. Despite this, today he receives at least 30 orders every month, along with some bulk orders. Sakshi believes that it is a great gifting and home decor product. If you reach out to the right customers, you can make a good profit from it.  

He started it during the lockdown, as a hobby. But what was his basic preparation to make it a business? How did they get the orders and how much did they invest? Let’s know-

1. How did the idea of ​​the candle business come about?

Sakshi- “I have always taken a lot of interest in arts and crafts. I loved lighting candles at home and often used to bring different types of candles. During the lockdown, I thought why not make it at home? Then I started this work with the help of the internet. I used to make this and gift it to my friends. Everyone liked the candles made by me. Some would burn it, some would use it as home decor.  

“After that, I felt that this can be made my business as well. So I decided to start small.”

* If you are good at something and your friends and relatives like your product, then it can also be seen as a business option. If we talk about making candles, then you can start it as a hobby and then turn it into a business.  

2. How to research?

Sakshi- “Whether the business is small or big, there is a need for research. In today’s era, we get more and more information from the internet. I live in Mumbai, so it was easy for me to get all the raw products related to the business from wholesale suppliers. I contacted many shops online and found the one whose rate was good and got the option of delivery on time, I started ordering goods from there.  

“Also, I visited candle factories to see how they make things in bulk. Then I saw how people are liking the products in the market and what can I innovate. In this way, it was found that scented candles are being liked more. Then, I researched the internet on where to find great fragrances and how they should be used in candles. Part of the research was learning how to make scented candles from YouTube, which I used to practice a lot.” 

* There are many online videos of this type of hobby these days. With which you can do initial research. At the same time, it is always beneficial to take information from people who are already doing this business. If you become a master in making the product before starting, then your work becomes easier. This also prepares the initial samples of your products.  

3. How much was the initial investment?

Sakshi- “Initially I had invested around Rs.4000 as I started my business during Ganpati time, so at that time I bought modak moulds. Also, to make a quality product, I decided to use soy wax. The USP of my products was its fragrance, for which I had ordered good quality fragrance oil. I ordered this from Delhi. Keeping the festivals in mind, I used the scent of Mogra and Jasmine.” 

“In this way wax worth 2000 rupees, fragrance oil for 1500 rupees, and packing material for 500 rupees came.”  

4. What did you do for marketing?

Sakshi- “I tried three methods right from the beginning. I created a Facebook and Instagram page for my business and started giving information about it on WhatsApp groups as well. In the first month, I got 50% of the orders from acquaintances, while the other half came through social media. About three bulk orders were received in this. Whereas, orders for five single candles came in.  

“After that, I also collaborate with some home decor influencers on Instagram, and regularly updating reels and photos on social media is also marketing. That’s how I got more than 20 orders during Diwali.”  

* If social media is used properly, then there is no need to invest much money in marketing. You also need to reach out to the right influencers and customers on Instagram.

5. What are the things to be kept in mind?

Sakshi- “In the first month, I kept the price of my candles very low. But after some time I felt that if the price is too low, then people will doubt the quality of my product. So I focused on the packaging and increased the price of my product a bit. Because it is a luxury item, people who buy it are willing to pay a little more for it. At the same time, I kept its price not more than Rs 1000, so that it can come in the budget of most people. 

“Also, one thing to keep in mind is the mood of the market. Like – keep bringing some changes in your product according to every festival. Buy new molds and keep investing in new aroma oil. I spend about 15% of my profit on these things.”

* Always keep the packaging and quality of your product good. This will maintain the standard of your product, you will get good money for your hard work and over time it can also become a brand.  

6. How do you decide the price of a candle? 

Sakshi- “Even though we are doing this business from home, we must get the right price for our hard work and quality. In the beginning, I sold candles at a low price as well. But when orders are high during Diwali or any other festival, it takes more effort, time, and resources.” 

“I fix the price of my products in the ratio of 45 to 55. If the total cost is 45, then I fix the price of 55 by adding labor and packaging. I have many different types of products, so everyone has different prices. 

7. So is it a hit business?

Sakshi- “I currently have regular bulk orders from 5 places including a home baker and an organization. Whereas, by delivering my products to more than 30 customers in a month, I earn around 20 to 25 thousand in profit comfortably. If you enjoy what you do like I do, this is sure to be a hit business for you.” 

So you see, the candle business is also one of the many businesses that can be started from home without much investment. Whether you live in a village or a city, you can run it comfortably with the help of online platforms.  

Hope this information will be of use to you. To understand the candle business in detail from Sakshi, do watch the video below.

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(Video Credit: The Better India – Hindi)


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