India’s rise in cultural knowledge

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Indian Culture Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD)

Years of dependence took away our confidence and even after attaining independence, we remained dependent on our foreign development for a long time. It is like removing the darkness of your house of light from the house of others. The feeling of self-reliance will come from self-knowledge.

We Indians have very deep implications of self-reliance. Self-knowledge was the most important in the culture of ancient India. Self-knowledge means identifying yourself. Being self-identified almost ends your dependence on others. Self-knowledge brings confidence. Swami Vivekananda introduced the greatness and splendor of Indian culture to the world with full confidence, behind this was his enlightenment. He was well aware of who he is as an Indian and on which earth he was born! He insisted on self-reliance. To make the self-reliance campaign started to develop a new economy successful, we have to learn from the ancient India self-reliance.

It is proven that India was the manufacturing unit of the world in the ancient times and it was there to grab the entrepreneurship of Indians. Self-reliant India for all of us should mean redevelopment of the pure Indian culture of Udham. We must have knowledge of our inner enterprise. This is the first criterion to be a world guru. The self-sufficient India campaign can prove to be a boon for the MSME sector. I consider the improvement in the quality of cottage industries to be the biggest and important step in the development of MSME as it will only lead to economic development at the local level.

The demand for quality of the product increases over time in the local economy as well. The more self-reliant the micro, small and medium industries become in quality, the more the sales of their products will increase. Entrepreneurs should use this time of lockdown to create a “vocal for local” environment. Here the formula of enlightenment will prove to be effective because no one better than a producer can know where the deficiency is left and how it can be rectified.

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Lack of quality is ignored when designing products for local markets, now there is a need to come out of this thinking. Ideas ranging from Swami Vivekananda to his followers to the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi aim to connect the process of self-reliance with confidence. There is inferiority among Indians towards the products made in India, local products have to win the hearts of the local people before joining the foreign competition. There is a mutual contradiction in self-reliance and inferiority complex. The self-sufficient person will never experience inferiority and the inferior person will not think much about self-sufficiency. The thoughts of a person suffering from inferiority complex also become dependent on others.

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(Image Credit:Historyplex
Vedic Period Costumes – Historyplex)

There is a big difference in sentiment between present-day India and the ancient India. Epics like the Ramayana-Mahabharata describe the climax of India’s self-reliance. The types of living, palaces, sites, vehicles, metals and weapons described in them seem to be ahead of that time and perhaps today we are seeing their modern form. It is worth noting that both the epics refer to the golden period of Indian history, but it is not written that any kind of assistance was taken from other countries for the sake of Indian splendor, that is, all the things that were called modern and inventive in that period. Was indigenous.

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(Image Credit:NewsCrab
Not one but there were three Shri Krishna in Mahabharata)

In the Mahabharata, enlightenment and self-reliance are depicted in various contexts. As the charioteer Sanjay told his king Dhritarashtra to sit equal to him and saw the eyes of the war of Mahabharata. This is an example that the enlightened person can see far and it is a sign of his self-reliance that despite being a charioteer he found the king’s friendly behavior with his qualities. Dhritarashtra, on the other hand, was not self-sufficient even as a king because he had renounced enlightenment in the son’s fascination, so he could not even gain the courage to seek divine vision because he was inferior. To become self-reliant, we have to keep an eye on Sanjay and take a lesson from Dhritarashtra’s mistakes.

Years of dependence took away our confidence and even after attaining independence, we remained dependent on our foreign development for a long time. It is like removing the darkness of your house of light from the house of others. The feeling of self-reliance will come from self-knowledge. We have to think why foreign forces attacked us? Worked to destroy the symbols of our culture and splendor. The demolition of Nalanda University and the burning of its library did the abominations of a foreign robber, while the same university was declared the world’s best educational institution by Chinese scholar Xuan Song. By destroying the knowledge of India, the game of breaking the confidence of the original inhabitants and making them dependable, continued by every foreign invader.

Many robbers, terrorists succeeded in establishing their kingdom here after doing this. They took our art by snatching our self-reliance, took our indiscriminate behavior.

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The East India Company, following a policy of divide and rule, made radical changes in the Indian education system. Lord Macaulay’s education model was a conspiracy to snatch India’s self-reliance. I am happy that Modi government is making necessary behavioral reforms in the education system with the new education policy. The Guru-Shishya tradition of India prepared citizens on the basis of practical knowledge. The Guru’s job was to lead his disciple in the direction of his talent.

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Parallel to education, there has been a developed economic system in India since the Vedic era, tax was also used in that period which was used in public interest works. The Indus civilization, which to me personally is a form of Sanatani civilization, was an advanced trading system. At the time of the establishment of urbanization in our civilization, it was only a fantasy for other systems. Guess how much the value of India’s currency would have been in that period?

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The Gita preaches on giving priority to karma. The MSME sector can make this philosophy its principle as the global economic crisis continues to escalate due to the uncertainty created by the corona. The limit of import-export has been reduced. China’s image has deteriorated. Many developed countries including America want to reduce trade with him. China’s specialty is its production capacity and it does not want to allow any other country in the world to be its substitute. In the disaster of Corona, this is the only opportunity for India to beat China by becoming ritualistic.

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The relief package released to revive the economy is a big relief for the MSME sector, which contributes 29 per cent to the GDP, but the measures are only possible if we are aware of our fundamental quality and cultural heritage. The identity of the new India cannot be created by copying products abroad. Cultural prosperity can become the basis of India’s economy.

Thank you, Stay safe and healthy!

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