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List of major fasts and festivals of India, Indian Festival List 2023 (Indian Festival, 2023- 2024 Dates 

List of major fasting festivals and festivals of India. Indian Festival 2023, 2024 Dates - Poonit Rathore
List of major fasting festivals and festivals of India. Indian Festival 2023, 2024 Dates – Poonit Rathore

Festivals are celebrated in every country, but festivals in India have their own unique style. Family love, mutual brotherhood, and social order, etc. are the main points of festivals. In Hindu culture, every day has its own specialty, on the basis of beliefs related to which cultural festivals are celebrated. The arrangement of Hindi Panchang has been done not from a social perspective but on the basis of a natural perspective. With the change of seasons, festivals come and the rules of that festivals are according to the environment.

Major fasting festivals and festivals of India (Indian Festival 202Dates List)

Many cultures are included in India, and in such a situation, different festivals are celebrated on the basis of many ideologies and beliefs. Some such cultural festivals have been described:

Important Cultural Festivals of India (Indian Cultural Festival Dates)

Name of festival20232024
Diwali12 November1 November
Dussehra24 OctoberOctober 12
HoliMarch 8March 25
Janmashtami6 September26 august
Ganesh Chaturthi19 September7 September
Raksha Bandhan30 august19 august
Eid22 AprilApril 10
Christmas25 December25 December
Guru Nanak Jayanti27 November15 November

Other religious festivals in India

Name of festivals20232024
Mahashiv RatriFebruary 18March 8
Phulera doojFebruary 21March 12
Good Friday7th AprilMarch 29
Easter April 9March 31
Rang PanchamiMarch 12March 30
Gudi padwaMarch 22April 9
Ram NavamiMarch 3017 April
GangaurMarch 8March 25
The third day of Akshaya22 AprilMay 10
Buddha PurnimaMay 5May 23
Ganga DussehraMay 28June 16
Mithuna SankrantiJune 15June 15
Jagannath Rath YatraJune 20July 7
Jayaparvati fastJuly 1stJuly 19
Hariyali Teej19 august7 august
Nag Panchami21 augustAugust 9
Undertaking30 august19 august
Kajri TeejSeptember 222 august
Bahula Chauth3 September22 august
Every Chhath5 SeptemberNovember 7
Paryushan11 September
Hartalika Teej18 September6 September
Rishi Panchami20 September8 September
Children Seventh22 September24 September
Radha Ashtami / Mahalakshmi fast23 September11 September
Anant Chaturdashi28 September16 September
Shraddha29 September17 September
Daughter of lifeOctober 624 September
NavratriOctober 15October 3
Bathukamma FestivalOctober 1425 September
Navpatrika PoojaOctober 219 September
Saraswati puja26 JanuaryFebruary 14
Sharad Purnima / Kojagari fast28 October16 October
karwachauth1 NovemberOctober 20
Ahoi AshtamiNovember 524 October
Dhanteras10 NovemberOctober 29
Narak Chaturdashi12 November31 October
Aadya Kali Puja12 November31 October
Govardhan Puja / AnnakootNovember 14November 2
Bhaiya Dooj / Yama Dwitiya15 NovemberNovember 2
Chhath puja19 NovemberNovember 7
Gopashtami20 NovemberNovember 9
Akshaya Amla Navami21 November10 November
Jagaddhatri Puja21 November10 November
Tulsi marriage24 November12 November
Vaikuntha Chaturdashi25 NovemberNovember 14
Mani Karnika Bath26 NovemberNovember 14
Marriage Panchami17 December6 December
Mandala worship27 December26 December

The eleventh or Ekadashi vrat dates:

Ekadashi/Gyaras Vrat is observed on every eleventh date of the Hindu calendar. There are two dates of Gyaras every month of the year, one Shukla Paksha and one Krishna Paksha. The lord of Ekadashi is called Lord Vishnu. Devotees observe Ekadashi fast for their wishes. Ekadashi is of utmost importance in Hindu culture. People observe this fast for the purpose of removing their sorrows. 26 Ekadashi fasts are observed in a year. There is a mythological story behind all Ekadashi fasts, in which the purpose and meaning of Ekadashi are contained, which you can read from the link given below.

Ekadashi namefavour20232024
successfulKrishna7 January
Paush PutradaShuklaJanuary 220 January
On the sixthKrishna18 JanuaryFebruary 5
JayaShuklaFebruary 1stFebruary 19
VijayaKrishnaFebruary 16March 6
AmalakiShuklaMarch 3March 20
PapamochiniKrishnaMarch 184th April
KamadaShuklaApril 1st19 April
VaruthiniKrishna16 AprilMay 4th
charmShuklaMay 1stMay 18
placentaKrishnaMay 15June 2
WaterlessShuklaMay 31June 17
elfKrishnaJune 14July 1st
Dev ShayaniShuklaJuly 29July 17
KamikaKrishna13 august31 July
Daughter in lawShukla27 augustAugust 15
Padmini (Adhik Maas)KrishnaJuly 29
Parma (more months)Shukla12 august
casteKrishna10 September29 august
Parivartini/ Dol Gyarasshukla25 september14 september
IndiraKrishnaOctober 1028 september
Papankushashukla25 OctoberOctober 13
RamaKrishnanovember 927 October
Prabodhini / Dev risingshukla23 november12 November
BornKrishna8 december26 november
Mokshadashukla23 dec11 December

Purnima Vrat Date:

According to the Hindu calendar, there are two Pakshas (Shukla Krishna) in a month, which are between the new moon and to full moon and the full moon to the new moon. In this way, 12 full moons come every year. The story and worship of Lord Satyanarayana are important on the full moon day or a day before. On the day of the full moon, the moon is in its full form, on this day there is the importance of fasting, which is followed by big rules in the Hindu religion.

In the following table, the importance of the full moon coming throughout the year has been explained:

Monthly full moonImportance20232024
ChaitraHanuman JayantiApril 623 April
AprilBuddha JayantiMay 5May 23
SeniorVat SavitriJune 3June 21
AshadhGuru PurnimaJuly 321 July
Shravan Purnima Raksha Bandhan30 august19 august
Bhadrapada PurnimaShraddha / Pitr29 September17 September
AshwinSharad Purnima28 October16 October
Kartik Purnima27 November15 November
unacceptable full moon
Paush Purnima6 January25 January
JanuaryMagh Mela6 January
PhalgunHolimarch 8March 25

Monthly Amavasya Vrat 

monthly full moonImportance20232024
ChaitraChaitra AmavasyaMarch 21April 8
AprilBaisakh Amavasya20 AprilMay 7
SeniorShani JayantiMay 19June 6
AshadhSomvati AmavasyaJuly 18April 8
ShravanShravan AmavasyaJuly 164 august
BhadrapadaPithori Amavasya, lunar eclipse14 September2 September
AshwinAll the Pitri Amavasya14 OctoberOctober 2
KarthikDiwali10 NovemberOctober 29
unacceptableMargashirsha Amavasya12 December1 December
PoshPaush AmavasyaMarch 21
JanuaryMauni Amavasya21 JanuaryFebruary 9
PhalgunSolar Eclipse

Seasonal and Harvesting festivals of the farmer –

Name of festival20232024
Lohri14 January13 January
Makar Sankranti15 January15 January
Basant Panchami25 JanuaryFebruary 14
Crutches14 AprilApril 13
Onam29 august5 September
Pola14 September2 September

Other important monthly festivals and holy months:

All the dates have special importance in the Hindu Panchang. Devotees worship and fast on many special dates every month. Apart from this, many months are also considered important. The importance of these important monthly festivals and the month has been explained in the following table:

KalashtamiKrishna Paksha Ashtami
PradoshTrayodashi per Hindi month
Monthly Shiva RatriChaturdashi per Hindi month
Sankashti ChaturthiSankashti Chaturthi falls on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha every month.
Bhanu SaptamiWhen Saptami day is Sunday
Skanda ShashthiShukla Paksha Panchami and Shashti are celebrated when they come together.
Rohini fastWhen Rohini Nakshatra predominates after sunrise
Satya Narayan PoojaPurnima and one day before it / Sankranti per month
Mangala Gauri / Gauri Puja Mangala Gauri fast is observed every Tuesday of the month of Sawan.
Shravan / Sawan SignificanceHoly month
More mass importanceThe holy month that comes in three years
Nightingale fastThis yoga is formed in 19 years when more months come in Ashadh.
Kartik month importanceholy month
Chaturmas / ChaumasaArdha Ashada, Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, and Ardha Kartik
Mahakumbh NashikSun, Jupiter when they enter Leo
Mahakumbh UjjainWhen Sun and Jupiter enter Scorpio.

Islamic  Festival Dates:

Many religions are included in India. This is the only nation where people of all religions can celebrate their festivals with freedom according to their respective religions. Here there is complete freedom of thought. Similarly, Islamic festivals are also celebrated with enthusiasm in India, whose importance and purpose are love and peace. Some such festivals are described in the following table:

EidMay 3
RamadanApril 2-May 2
BakridJuly 10
Al hijra islamic new year29 30 July
Muharram / AshuraJuly 28

India is the identity of the country, a beautiful form of its many religions. Love, unity, and mutual brotherhood are the main objectives of festivals. Festivals are also very important from the point of view of social order.

On this page of ours, only those festivals have been described, if you know something different then you can give your opinion in the comment box.

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