National Engineers Day: some of the magnificent Indian architectural structures that the whole world is proud of

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The architectural marvels of India all over the world do not speak like this. The skill and tireless hard work of Indian Engineers are the main reason behind this. On the occasion of National Engineers Day, we are telling you about some such magnificent Indian architectural structures that not only India but the whole world is proud of.

  1. Statue of Unity

This massive statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, built opposite the Sardar Sarovar Dam in the Narmada Valley in Narmada district of Gujarat, is currently considered the world’s tallest statue.

It was 182 meters high and cost over 27 billion rupees to build it.

Its concepts, formulators were Indian but foreign help was also sought.

  1. Panwal River Void

Located in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, the 424-meter-long super structures are built on the Panwal River.

While traveling through the Konkan Railway, you can see this engineering marvel.

This component is the third highest in Asia. This is a built on slip in technology which is used for the first time in India.

  1. Pamban Bridge, Tamil Nadu

The most important feature of this bridge connecting Tamil Nadu mainland to Rameswaram is that it is the cantilever bridge, that is, this bridge built over the sea has the facility to lift ships for passing.

While doing so, both sides of the bridge rise up towards the sky.

The total length of this bridge, which stands at 143 piers, is 2 kilometers and is the second longest bridge in India.

  1. Pir Panjal-Railway Tunnel

The Pir Panjal Tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir is nothing short of a miracle.

This tunnel built on the railway line of the valley between Banihal to Qazigund is made by ripping the Pir Panjal Mountain Range.

This transportation package is considered to be the longest transportation passage in India, while it is the second largest in Asia. Its total length is 11 kilometers.

  1. Bandra-Worli Sea Link

This 8-lane bridge is built over the Arabian Sea and connects two suburban areas of Mumbai, Bandra and Worli.

It is huge, it is majestic. This is the first time that Cable Stay Bridge was introduced in Open Sea in India and now it has also become a tourist attraction.

  1. Bhupen Hazarika Setu

Dhola-Sadia Bridge (also known as Bhupen Hazarika Setu) is a beam-based bridge that connects Assam to Arunachal Pradesh.

It is the longest bridge in the country and its total length is 9.15 kilometers. It can bear the weight of a 60-ton battle tank.

  1. iFlex Solutions, Bangalore

The iFlex Solutions building is well-known throughout the world for its unique design.

These buildings are known for superb state of the art architecture and its infrastructure is much different than that of any ordinary building.

These will be unique examples

Idol of Shriram

A bronze statue of Prabhu Shri Ram will be installed in Ayodhya in UP and this is the current project of the government on which work has started. It will be the tallest bronze statue in the world with a total length of 251 meters.

Underwater tunnel

This will be the first railway tunnel in the country that will travel up to half a kilometer distance inside the Hooghly River. It will also be the country’s first underwater railway tunnel.

Chenab Bridge

This will be a 427 meter long arch bridge which is being built by the Indian Railways. This will be the highest bridge in the world so far that will connect the Bakkal and Kauri areas over the Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir.


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