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One tweet that shake the Indian Government !

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Greetings friends! What would you know about the cost of one tweet Ramesh babu? One tweet has shaken the government of the country.

It has compelled the External Affairs Ministry to issue a statement. One tweet gave a national headline to all our media channels. One tweet has woken up our sleeping Bollywood celebrities…literally! All the Bollywood celebrities who were completely silent on the farmer issue.Suddenly, their eyes opened up. I am talking about the tweet by Rihanna. Rihanna is a world famous singer. She has more than 100 million followers on Twitter. She just tweeted this, “why aren’t we talking about this?

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#FarmersProtest ” And she shared a CNN News article with headlines,“ India cuts internet around New Delhi…” Reading the tweet you will feel that she is just saying that why aren’t we talking about this?

This one tweet has caused what a storm friends, what do I tell you?

Thousands of people pounced on her, half in her support and the other half against her. After that, many famous celebrities and activists have tweeted about this such as Greta Thunberg has tweeted ,“We stand in solidarity with the farmer’s protest in India.”

Kamala Harris who is today the Vice President of the USA, her niece Meena Harris tweeted, “We should all be outraged by India’s internet shutdowns and paramilitary violence against farmer protests.”

Apart from this many UK MPs and politicians, Canadian politicians have raised their voice on it. Now, you will ask here, what is the need for these people to speak up? And these celebrities who are speaking up such as Rihanna, Greta, have they read the farm bills? Do they even know what is right and wrong in the farm bills that we are going against it or in support of it? It is quite an apt question if it comes to your mind. And I will say that definitely I don’t think that they have read these farm bills. But read these tweets again.

What has Rihanna written here? In these tweets, neither are they supporting the farm bills nor are they against it. Rather they are raising their voices for human rights and the farmers’ right to protest. And before I discuss the controversy of the tweet in this video, let’s first get to know the current status of the farmer’s protest. Look at this video. This video is not of some India-China or India-Pakistan border. This video is of the Delhi border. This is the arrangement that our government has made for our farmers. Look carefully at the number of barricades that have been put here as if there is a big terrorist group on the other side or it is some sort of war zone such that it needs this big protection. Concrete walls full of cement were put up. Spikes were installed by the government to stop the farmers. There are barbed wires on top of it due to which anyone can be hurt. And just count, there must be at least 6-7 layers of barricades. And not just this, highways too have been dug up by the government. The government even tried to cut off electricity for farmers at the protest site. The government also tried to stop the food and water supply. And not just this, the internet too was just shut at many places for three days. It was blocked so that farmers are not to talk to each other or co-ordinated to protest. Simultaneously, such cases were also seen that the journalists who wish to go near the farmers are not being allowed to so by the Police. In many cases, journalists were arrested as well, such as Mandeep Punia case. The Delhi Police has arrested him under many sections for completely baseless reasons such as obstructing public servants in discharge of public functions, assault on public servants. There was much outrage on social media. It was only then court granted him bail. This is just the beginning. Listen ahead how the government has tried to sabotage the protest.

Bihar police allegedly issued a warning for people who are protesting. In a circular, Police has said that people who sit on a dharna, participate in a protest or block roads will not get any government jobs or contracts. That means the democratic rights of the people to protest is being snatched way. Uttarakhand has a BJP government. There, the Police have said that people who post anti-national things on the social media , the police will refuse to carry out the police verification for their passport. Well, ask them, what is the definition of anti-national? If we start using the definitions of BJP politicians then just speaking against BJP would be anti-national. On the other hand, government trolls are busy setting the definition of who is anti-national and who is a terrorist. Kangana Ranaut has openly tweeted and said that protesting farmers are not actually farmers but are terrorists. Now, here you will think that the government should take some action against such hate speech. The government did take action. Just two days ago, the government sent a legal request to Twitter to ban 10-15 twitter accounts. But it wasn’t Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account. No. No! This will be called nationalist speech. Anti-national speech is that of the protesters. The Twitter accounts that government wants banned are actually one of the most famous Twitter accounts who are talking in favour of protesting farmers including Kisaan Ekta Morcha which is the biggest account of protesting farmers. So, the government sent a legal request to Twitter and Twitter had even banned all these accounts for a few hours. Although, after that when people raised their voices then Twitter opened these accounts publicly. But even now, the government is fighting in court that these accounts be banned. Even after so much has happened, the government is saying that we are trying our best to talk to the farmers. so that this issue be resolved through discussions. Well, ask them, what is this way of talking that includes raising 6-7 barriers, digging up highways, putting up barbed wires, placing spikes. Stopping food and water supply for the farmers. Anyone who talks in favour of the farmers, raises their voice, their Twitter accounts be banned, their passport verification be stalled. This is the government’s way of talking to the farmers. On the other hand, their Godi media is trying to defame the farmers 24X7. Sometimes Khalistani, sometimes that international powers are coming forward for them or sometimes they day at Pakistan is favouring them. In an instance, we even got to see that when some farmers from border villages came to protest Then Godi media was forcefully highlighting that farmers are coming in to protest from Pakistan’s border. Just portray it as anti-national one way or the other. The same thing…that’s what they are trying to do.

The truth is friends, the more people are being suppressed, the more people will try to rise up. Unfortunately, all these government techniques or you can say fortunately are backfiring now. Farmers in greater numbers are joining this protest. First, it was more focused in Punjab but now farmers from Haryana, UP especially western UP and Rajasthan are joining in the protest in big numbers. The matter now is not limited to whether you support the farm bills or not. It doesn’t matter if you are in support of it or are against it. Now the matter is about basic human rights and democracy. Should farmers be treated in this way in a democracy by putting up barbed wires and spikes? Will the basic democracy right of protest be snatched away from the public? The Internet will be banned without any reason. Last time I checked, protesters are not treated like this in any democratic country. These things are heard about countries like North Korea and China. Is it an effort to convert our nation into China or North Korea? Rihanna tweeted about the same.What was the reaction to this tweet? First, let’s see the reaction of Godi media.Republic TV called Rihanna “Congress’s farmer Leader Rihanna” This label was literally put up on their channel. Zee News put up four questions to Rihannna. -“Do you now Red Fort?” “Have you seen the Singhu border?” When the media of other countries question their government, The media in our country questions the opposition and the people who raise their voice.

CNN News18 put up a headline, “International Celebrities’ Anti-India Tweets”.When Rihanna’s tweet literally quotes a CNN article. It is linked in the tweet. And CNN News 18 that belongs to CNN is calling the tweet anti-Indian. Just imagine! Overall, on social media, one argument was seen again and again. How can foreigners speak up on Indian issues? It is India’s internal matter. Rest of the people should not interfere here. They should not speak anything. Firstly, the people who say this in my opinion is a hypocritical thing. Because when Modiji chants “This time Trump Government” (Abki Baar Trump Sarkar) slogans, then it is alright. When Bollywood celebrities and you all raise your voices for Black Lives Matter and the Amazon forest then everything is alright. But if a foreigner raises a voice on an Indian issue then how did they do it? This is the biggest problem. It turns into India’s internal issue. But the second and more important point is that why not speak up?

Today, the world is so globalized that if something happens at one place then it affects other places as well. When Amazon forest is burned down in Brazil then isn’t it everyone’s responsibility to raise your voice against it? Eventually, if the Amazon Forest is destroyed, wouldn’t climate change affect our lives or not? Similarly, when an attack is carried out on the US Parliament then doesn’t it affect the credibility of the democracies of the entire world or not? Due to this very reason, I believe that if we see anything wrong happening anywhere in the world, we should raise a voice against it. Then again, some people were saying that this must be a paid tweet. If we leave out what is Rihanna’s net worth …she has a net worth of hundreds of million dollars What is the need for such big celebrities to earn money by being paid for a tweet? Even if we ignore this fact and if I assume that I don’t know whether she was paid or not… But why are we forgetting a simple fact that people might have their own desire to raise a voice? When I make videos against Putin’s dictatorship in Russia then does that mean that Russia’s opposition party has paid me? I am trying to externally influence them. Or when I raise my voice and make videos against the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist party then does that mean…don’t know which opposition party exists there…has given me money? Obviously not! I raise a voice because I believe that we should support democracy in the entire world. And whenever we see something wrong happening, we should raise a voice against it. There is a very famous dialogue by Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” World over, if there is injustice anywhere then it indirectly affects some way or the other. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. And I strongly believe in this. This is the reason whether it is Russia, China or India, wherever I feel there is something happening against democracy, I raise my voice. And because of this reason , I believe that the internal matter argument is a flop argument. If you want to argue on the issue, then search for another argument. There is a simple explanation to the fact that why people concerned all over the world are raising their voices? Because India is the world’s largest democracy. And if the world’s largest democracy starts banning internet like this, calling protesters “terrorists” openly like this, And arresting journalists like this then it affects the credibility of all the democracies in the world. It affects human rights in the entire world. The reaction to this one tweet was not only limited to social media or Godi media friends. The External Affairs Ministry of our country has actually issued a statement regarding this. This lengthy statement says that the Parliament of India passed these bills after full debate and discussion and that we have passed this bill through full democratic procedure. Which is a complete lie because we all know, in Rajya Sabha, these bills were passed without a voice vote like I already explained in this article. Then they say how we are trying to have a discussion with the farmers, to solve this issue in a peaceful manner. This again is a lie in a way because we all are seeing how barricades have been put up and highways have been dug up. And farmers have been defamed. At the end of this statement, they used two hashtags #Indiatogether and #Indiagainstpropaganda Few minutes after the release of this statement, many Bollywood celebrities started tweeting. Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar who were obviously silent about democratic issues and human rights. But suddenly their eyes opened up and they started saying that this is correct. And they started saying that this is India’s internal problem. #Indiatogether #Indiagainstpropaganda These are the same celebrities who when there is something happening outside the country starts taking action pretty fast. They turn into activists #blacklivesmatterBut when it comes to issues in India then they remain silent or take the government’s side. In fact, a sportsman like Sachin Tendulkar too tweeted by using these hashtags. External forces can be spectators but not participants. Indians know India and should decide for India.

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Now think of it friends, if Brazil politicians or the President start tweeting like this in the future that “all of it is Brazilian matter. External forces can only be spectators. They cannot be participants. Even if we burn down the Amazon forest to ashes then also you outsiders can only watch. No one can interfere. You have no right to interfere in our internal matter. ” Do these things make sense? Now, this is the story of one tweet .One tweet that shook the government and opened the eyes of all Bollywood celebrities and sportsmen. Suddenly, they woke up and started tweeting. Latest update is after exposing Rihanna, Godi Media is exposing Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg openly came out in support of the farmers and released a Google Doc from Toolkit in which she said that we, all the activists who are campaigning in support of the farmers will be using such and such hashtags. You should tweet in such and such manner. Which is nothing new! If you have see Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future and Climate Strike campaign then there also similar documents have been released. Activists are told to follow certain hashtags and the campaigns to raise your voice will happen at what date and time. And how you can reach out to your politicians in order to raise your voice on these issues. But Godi Media presented this entire document like a secret leak that “look we have exposed Greta Thunberg.” And obviously like always, IT cell pages started spreading conspiracy theories that “Look at this billionaire, this organisation and these people are supporting anti-India forces. They are mobilizing support against India. International forces are weaving a conspiracy against India.” However, in reality what is this? Like I said, some international entities feel concerned about human rights and democratic issues. And it is a matter of shame that Indians themselves do not worry about their farmers. They start claiming their farmers to be terrorists. People from outside have to come up to raise a voice. I was editing this video and some new updates came up so I thought to include them in this video as well.

Firstly, Delhi Police has registered a case against Greta Thunberg.

Secondly, some people have asked why Greta Thunberg deleted her Toolkit tweet if she was right. So, to this she has replied that she had deleted the tweet because the document wasn’t updated. She has tweeted the Toolkit again with updated information.

Thirdly, the US State Department, US Government has issued an official statement on whatever is happening in India.

Many Godi media channels have shown this as fake news. It is being shown in Godi media how the US Government is supporting the farm laws. But if you read the actual statement issues by the first department, the first thing they have written; “We recognize that peaceful protests are a hallmark of any thriving democracy” “We recognize that unhindered access to information, including the internet, is fundamental to the freedom of expression and a hallmark of a thriving democracy,” .

So, clearly they are showing their support so that the internet should not be banned. People should be allowed to protest. And then another statement is written. “In general, the United States welcomes steps that would improve the efficiency of India’s markets and attract greater private sector investment.” So, in general the US is supporting private sector investment. They have used “in general” and what is being shown in the media? That “look- US has announced that it supports the farm laws. ” Now this was my opinion on the entire issue friends. You can tell us your views in the comments below. This entire video I would say was more of an opinionated video. I revealed more of my opinions in this video as compared to pure hard facts. Tell me how you liked the video? Would you like to see more of such videos where I give more of my opinions or should I focus more on the facts which are non-opinionated facts? Tell us in the comments. If you like it then share this article.

Thank you so much.

Poonit Rathore

My name is Poonit Rathore. I am a Blogger, Content-writer, and Freelancer. Currently, I am pursuing my CMA final from ICAI. I live in India.

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