Knowledge of Palmistry

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What is the knowledge of palmistry?

In astrology, palm line has great importance. It is believed that a person’s future can be estimated with the help of palmistry. In palmistry, astrology predicts the future information of a person by studying the shape of a person’s hand, palm ridge etc. Special information related to this astrology is being given here.

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Main Lines in Palm of Hand :

The main lines in the palm line are lifeline, heart line and head line. With the help of these three main lines, many kinds of information about a person’s life are obtained. Here these three lines are being briefed.

  1. Lifeline: The lifeline in a person’s hand starts between the index finger and the thumb and goes to the base of the thumb. If the lifeline is long, it means that a person’s health will be better throughout his life. On the other hand, if this line is short, it means that the person will have health problems. If this line is deep in a person’s hand, then the life of the person is easy, but if this line is light, then there is very little thrill in the life of the person. If a person has two or three lifelines together, then there is positive energy effect around the person.
  2. Heartline: This line is from the index finger to the middle of the shortest finger. If the heart line of a person is long, then that person is of open heart. If this line is too long, then this line reaches both the sides of the palm. In such a person is going to depend on his life partner. If this line is shortened, then the person is ‘self-centered’, ie if he is self-centered, and if this line is straight and short, it means that the person is not of romantic nature.
  3. Brainline: This line starts from the middle of the index finger and goes towards the bottom of the finger. If this line is simply elongated, then the person is of good memory. Also, a person is going to think again and again before doing any work. If this line is too long, that is, it has reached both sides of the palm, then the person is very successful and active. Such persons are also generally selfish. If this line is long and straight, then the person is of a very confused personality. If this line is curved, then the person is creative and idealistic policy. Such people do not panic in accepting any new idea.

Minors Lines in Palm of Hand :

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Apart from the above lines, there are some special lines, which are described below.

  1. Sun Line: This line is not in the hands of everyone, whichever person has this line in their hands, it is believed that this line represents the success of a person’s life. The person who has this line in his hand, is a person who is creative, self-confident and follows his action plan. However, if another line falls on this line, then it shows the time of sickness or failure.
  2. Bracelet line: These lines are on a person’s wrist. If this line is clearly visible on the wrist, then the person’s life is full of health. If this line is broken in a person’s hand, then it is known that the person does not pay special attention to his health. If the second bracelet line in a person’s hand is clear, then the person’s life is financially successful, and the person consumes all kinds of happiness in his life. If the third bracelet line of the person’s wrist is clean, then the person is established in a very respectable manner in a society.
  3. Children’s lines: These lines are usually under the shortest finger of the hand. With the help of this line, it is understood that how much more responsible a person will be towards his children. The health of the child coming with the help of this line is also known.
  4. Fortune Line: This line is situated in the middle of the palm. With the help of this line, the fate of any person is known. With its help, one can anticipate the troubles coming in the life of any person. If this line is in a simple form, then the fate of the person is satisfied, but if this line is broken, then it shows that the fate of the person is quite difficult.
  5. Jupiter Line: This line is also very important. With the help of this line, a person’s behavior can be known. Generally, the person who has this line in his hand is of such a protective nature.
  6. Health line: This line starts at the bottom of the shortest finger of the hand and goes down. It is also often known as the ‘Line of Lever’. This line gives information about a person’s nervous system. This shows how the health of a person will be.
  7. Easy Line: This line starts with the smallest finger and then turns towards the edge of the palm. This line is usually very light. The person who holds this line, the person is usually very sensitive. Such people are very afraid of the crowd etc.
  8. Prem Rekha: This line is situated below the shortest finger. This line can be in one or more than one person’s hands. If these lines are deep and long, then it means that the person gives importance to the relationship, but if this line is short and light, then it means that the person cannot continue his marriage relationship for very long days.
  9. Simian Line: This line is in the hands of very few humans. The person who has this line in his hand is often of a stubborn kind. Such people are either driven by their hearts or their minds, or see the world as white or black. Such individuals usually live under a lot of stress and take things very personally. Read steps to relieve stress here.
  10. Ring of Solomon: It is also called Jupiter Ring. This line is below the index finger. The person who is in this line has the leadership ability and is often in a particular position. Such people are very intelligent and philosophical.
  11. Ring of Saturn: This line falls under the ring finger. It is not usually found in the hands of any person. The person found in this line is of an unhappy nature and a more serious personality than necessary.
  12. Ring of Apollo: This line is below the finger after the ring finger. This line makes a person creative. Although a person lacks a positive attitude by living it, the person does not need to be disappointed.
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Read in Hindi : हस्तरेखा का ज्ञान

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(Practical PalmistryBook by Narayan Dutt Shrimali)
Thank you, Stay safe and healthy!
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