About Us

PoonitRathore.com(Light of Knowledge) is an English blogging website that provides information on various topics. The work of collecting information on various topics and spreading it to the readers is done by me, in which I work on different topics according to my hobbies. Information on topics related to life introduction, festivals, general knowledge, government schemes, poems, stories, online earning money, taxation, science, economy, ecology, technology, space, how to, finance, etc. are written in PoonitRathore.com. I am working on these subjects work hard to research and give all the information and prepare the content according to their readers’ interest and their desire. Our blog has also played an interesting role in making a large amount of material available in the English language on the Internet.

Who I am: Poonit Rathore

My name is Poonit Rathore and I belong to Kendujhargarh, a small town in Odisha I have done CMA intermediate from The Institute Cost Accountants of india [ICAI ]. I started my first job with CA Firm, I still love my first job. Even today, I keep sharing the experiences of my first job with my team members. After this I worked at integrated Steel plant in India in 2020.Today I am the owner of PoonitRathore.com english blogging site.

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How do I Make a Blogger?

It is a natural thing that if there is any blogger, then he is fond of reading and writing and he understands the Internet quite a bit. I was like that but being a CMA student was not easy for me to take a lot of time off. Still, while giving myself time, I used to keep writing and publishing something, due to which I knew little about blogging but I never thought about making it a profession.