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Story of the author of Ved Vyas Mahabharata

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Story of the author of Ved Vyas Mahabharata
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Mahamuni Vyasa was the author of many Vedas and the great legend Mahabharata. Whose truth of life is also different. Through this article we have highlighted all the facts related to his birth. With the blessings of his mother and the tenacity of his father, he became a famous Mahamuni.

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Ved Vyas story

Veda Vyas’s mother’s name was Satyavati. Satyavati was the daughter of Apsara Adrika. Adrika became a fish due to the curse and lived in the river Yamuna. Once Vasu, the king of Chedi, is hunting and kills a heron, he wants to give it to his wife, but he falls into the river Yamuna and eats the same fish named Adrika. The king catches the fish and bites his stomach and sees that he has 2 children in his stomach, a boy and a girl. The king keeps the boy with him and tells his subjects that he is the prince of Chedi. Raja Vasu gives the girl to a fishmonger named Matsya Gandhi. He raises her like his daughter and names her as Kali (since she is black in color). Over time, Kali’s name becomes Satyavati. Satyavati’s father also used to ride a boat, Satyavati used to help her in her father’s work. Satyavati now grows up and her father starts looking for a suitable groom for her. Once during the day, Satyavati meets Rishi Parashar and asks him to leave her to the other side of the river Yamuna. Satyavati’s father was busy with some other work, due to which Satyavati had to ride a boat and take the sage Muni across the Yamuna. The sage Muni is fascinated by Satyavati and insists on making an affair before marriage but Satyavati refuses, saying that she is a Brahmin and Satyavati, the daughter of a small fishmonger, in doing so erodes her clan’s reputation. Will be found in Sage Muni does not listen to Satyavati, then Satyavati accepts him for fear of curse of Rishi Muni but puts a condition in front of them, she tells them that no one should know about their relationship, they should Never look at someone with a wrong eye. And it also says that his son is very famous and learned in the world. Discussion of his knowledge far and wide.Rishi Muni agrees to this and Ved Vyas begins his life. Rishi Muni and Satyavati have a son. Rishi Muni goes after this and promises that he will never meet Satyavati. Satyavati’s son immediately grows up with the sage and blessings of sage Muni and becomes a hatta katta youngster. He promises his mother Satyavati that whenever she calls him he will immediately come to her and fulfill her wish. At that time it is named Krishna. After this they go to the forest and become absorbed in penance. Later he was named Ved Vyas. Vyasa was the author of many Vedas and the great legend Mahabharata. They also play the role of a character in Mahabharata because of Satyavati. After this Satyavati gets married to King Shantanu of Hastinapur. Due to which his 2 sons are Chitrangada and Vichitravirya. Dhritarashtra and Pandava were the sons of Vichitravirya and grandchildren of Satyavati.

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Story of Ved Vyas
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