There are more than 40 thousand varieties of rice in the world, Sri Krishna’s Prasad is made from Govind Bhoga

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There has been a tradition of serving lentils and rice in Indian thali since ancient times. There are more than forty thousand varieties of rice worldwide. India ranks second in rice production. Paddy used to grow wild all over the world long ago, but due to the aroma and taste, the tales of rice started to become famous. There is also a gene bank in the Philippines to save the rice breeds that deal with many anecdotes. Philippines-made rice is seen as the eighth wonder for farming. Interestingly, there is a place like Terrace Forming, where thousands of years old farms are grown at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level, where many types of vegetation and unique fragrance rice crops are grown in the flowing water on the hills.

Unique varieties are famous

There are also some famous rice of India, which are also famous for their taste as well as seductive fragrance. It has the award winning Ambemohar rice from the GI tag of Maharashtra. When this rice cooks quickly and small grains, the smell of mango flowers spreads all around. Similarly, Mullan Kajama rice of Wayanad, which doubles the taste of Biryani, has the magic of smearing the entire field, while the small rice of West Bengal is known as Govind Bhog. It is said that Paches (Bengali Kheer) are made from this rice to offer Lord Krishna on Lord Janmashtami, and it is offered as an offering. The fragrance of pandol rice is also made here. Siraga Samba, the very thin and tall rice of Tamil Nadu gives a distinct identity to the biryani made in this state.

Mushk Budji rice of Kashmir valley makes its presence in every auspicious work there and yes, black rice produced in the plains of Manipur is famous for its unique qualities. When this rice pudding is made, gradually the color of this pudding starts to be purple. It is considered auspicious to make this dish in the festivals of Manipur. Basmati rice of Dehradun is raging all over the world. The credit of bringing it to India goes to the ruler of Afghanistan. Those who planted this basmati rice in the Plains of Dehradun. As a result, this paddy enjoyed such a great climate in Dehradun that this rice started to be produced. The unique aroma of this rice topped in terms of nutrition gives a taste. The history of Assam’s Voca Rice or Assamese soft rice dates back to the 17th century. Due to the GI tag, the state of Assam has become the legal authority on this particular rice. The special thing is that this rice does not require fuel to cook. Rice is prepared by soaking in water at normal temperature. In Assam it is eaten with curd, jaggery or sugar, milk.

Also beneficial for health

The abundance of carbohydrates in rice that enhances the flavor of Indian food increases the energy level in the body. Our brain operates the body with this energy. Boiled rice water cures all skin related diseases. The antioxidant properties present in it prevents wrinkles. If the stomach is upset or ill, then rice-moong dal khichdi is considered most beneficial. In all, a small grain of rice contains a treasure of all vitamins and minerals. Yes, its controlled intake gives positive effect to health.

Gastronomy partner

Many ancient rice dishes are also mentioned in our ancient texts. In which there is mention of ‘Vishyandaka’ and other dish ‘Utreka’ prepared by mixing rice, jaggery, milk. The dish called ‘Pupicci’ was like a cake, it was prepared by mixing a lot of honey in rice flour. There is also a reference to Gautam Buddha feeding rice pudding by a woman named Sujata at the time of attaining enlightenment. Be it kheer or casserole, biryani or any other dish, the presence of rice is considered to be mandatory in a way. The tastes of Hyderabadi Biryani of India are not hidden from anyone. This is the reason that the number of such people in the world is increasing rapidly, who are eager to enjoy Indian food.

Big place in religion

Rice has an important role in worship in Hinduism. The entire rice has special significance in worship. Putting tilak on the forehead and applying rice on it is considered a symbol of auspiciousness. Rice, a symbol of peace, is offered along with every worship, and a prayer is made for the smooth completion of the work. Many rituals associated with yellow rice are also played in Indian society. During marriage ceremony, the new couple is blessed with prosperity for a new life by sprinkling rice on them. Children are fed rice pudding made of rice as a first meal with silver coins or spoons even in the rituals of children. In the same way, while the bride departs, she sprinkles paddy on the family behind her, which symbolically gives the message that you should be blessed with money and do not break or disintegrate like all paddy.

Values ​​spread abroad

There are many beliefs and interesting rituals associated with rice in foreign countries too. There is a belief in China that the number of grains of rice that a woman leaves in her plate, the more pimples will be on her future husband’s face. This recognition gives the message of promoting the habit of not leaving food on the plate. Similarly, in Indonesia, before a girl is tied up in a matrimonial bond, it is ascertained how many dishes are prepared to be prepared from rice. In Japan, it is a tradition to soak them before cooking rice so that positive energy is created in their home.

Thank you, Stay safe and healthy !

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