This farming will make you earn big, in just 6 months there will be a profit of up to Rs 13 lakh! – Poonit Rathore

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This farming will make you earn big, in just 6 months there will be a profit of up to Rs 13 lakh! - Poonit Rathore
This farming will make you earn big, in just 6 months there will be a profit of up to Rs 13 lakh! – Poonit Rathore

If you want to earn a lot, then you can cultivate beans. You can get huge profits from this farming. You can earn a profit of up to Rs 13 lakh.

The farmers who cultivate vegetables earn more than normal farming. If you are also a farmer, then you too can earn huge profits from the cultivation of vegetables. These are also called cash crops. One such farming is Beans Farming, from which you can get huge profits. You can do this farming twice a year and earn huge profits. Let us know how to do bean farming and how much profit can be earned in this farming.

How are beans cultivated?

If you want to cultivate beans, then you should do farming by making beds. Although there are many varieties of beans, you should cultivate the vine variety. You can get more yield from vine variety. However, for this, with the help of bamboo and wire, you have to climb the vines of beans.

Although the cultivation of beans is more in winter, due to having different varieties, you can cultivate some varieties of beans in summer also. In winter it is planted between September-October. It would be better if you do farming by building a poly house so that the weather does not affect your crop. Beans should be planted in two lines on each bed. The distance between the lines should be kept at 1 foot and the distance between the seeds should be about 9 inches. Also, drip irrigation should be used for irrigation so that less water is spent and nutrition can be sent to the plants through water only. Before sowing of beans, cow dung manure should be put on the bed well. If you make beds after applying cow dung manure, it will be even better.

Harvesting can start in 50 days

You can start harvesting beans in just 50 days after planting. After this, you will keep getting beans continuously for about 4-5 months. This means the bean crop keeps on giving beans for about 6-7 months. If we talk about 1 hectare, then you can get a yield of about 40-45 tonnes from beans crop in the whole period. Its yield is less in summer and you will be able to get a yield of up to about 30 tonnes. However, if you do farming in polyhouse then there will be no difference in your yield.

How much cost, and how much profit?

For good profit, it is most important that you choose good quality seeds. You will get good seeds at the rate of about Rs.3-3.5 thousand per kg and about 15 kg of seeds will be required in one hectare. This means 45-50 thousand rupees will be spent on your seeds only. At the same time, you will have to spend on plowing, sowing, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Labor will also cost a lot, as the beans will be plucked continuously. There will also be expenditure on transportation. Apart from this, there will be heavy expenditure on bamboo and wire. If seen, your around 5 lakh rupees will be easily spent. The price of beans keeps on fluctuating between Rs.30-50 in the market. If your beans are sold even at an average price of Rs.40, then you will easily get a profit of around Rs.18 lakhs by producing 45 tonnes. On the other hand, even if you remove the cost of Rs 5 lakh from it, you will still get a profit of around Rs 13 lakh.


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