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Valentine Day Shayari in Hindi 2023 for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

by PoonitRathore


Hello love ones! are you also Valentine’s Day Want to send Valentine’s Day Shayari to your loved one on the occasion of? Do you also want to send some unique and romantic shayari specially to your girlfriend?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then today’s article is specially based on Happy Valentine Day Shayari. Here today, through this post, an attempt has been made to present some very best Valentine Day Shayari. Which is definitely going to be useful for you later.

As you know that every lover keeps waiting for 14th February for a whole year. this day for himself best Valentine Day Shayari Is also waiting for or waiting for. He wants someone to send him a love poem on this occasion.

So in such a situation it is very important that you get such great shayari which is unique and has not been shared before. That’s why today I thought why not treat you guys like this Valentine Day Shayari in Hindi Let me share that this Valentine’s Day will be of great use to you. Then without further delay let us begin.

Happy Valentine Day Shayari in Hindi 2023

congratulations to you because you Valentine’s Day Shayari There is no need to search. Yes, you have come to the right place where you will get all the new and unique Valentine Day Shayari to read and share.

valentine day shayari

These are such best Shayari which are able to attract any person towards you. Let’s take stock of the right Love Shayari without delay.

If you want to surprise your lover or special friend, then you have to share this romantic message with them to win their heart.

To make this February 14, Valentine’s Day, even more interesting Best Valentine Day Shayari Share with them.

How can I praise you in words,
How can you fit in words,
When people ask about our love,
Only you will be visible in my eyes.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Fire started in the heart when he was angry,
Realized when he became God
He could not give anything by doing loyalty
but gave a lot when he was unfaithful

Love was mentioned in the crowded gathering, we only looked at you and people started saying wow!!

your love gave me so much peace
that no one likes you
If you want to commit infidelity then do it in this style
so that no one seems unfaithful after you

Now I only think about you in the evening and in the city
I have got some kind of blessings like yours,
That now there is no complaint or complaint with that God
My heart is filled with happiness just after getting you
happy valentines day

Valentine Day Shayari 2023

I just had a wish which turned into a wish.
Once upon a time there was friendship with you, now it has become love.
Somehow you got involved in life,
It has become my habit to think only of you.
happy valentines day

We will go with you, you go or not,
Will bear your every pain, whether you say it or not,
We want you to be happy always,
Whether we are there or not.
Happy Valentine’s Day

what to say
You have such a beautiful face
This heart is just crazy about you,
Everyone calls you a piece of the moon,
I think the moon is also a piece of you

Best Valentine Day Shayari Love

I have decorated your name on my lips,
I have kept your soul in my heart,
The world will go crazy looking for you
I have hidden it in such a corner of my heart.

I wish life is just this much,
May your company be with you and life should never end.

It is said that there is no difference between love and poison.
people die after drinking poison
People cannot live after falling in love.
Happy Valentine’s Day

How can I change my nature,
I have become used to thinking of you..!!

You will have only my light on your face
after that you will never be away from me
Just think about what happiness you will get,
The moment there will be vermilion of my name in your demand.

valentine day hindi shayari

Life is so beautiful with your arrival,
The one who resides in the heart is your face,
Never go away from us even by forgetting
We need you every step of the way.
Happy Valentine’s Day

living with you
you’ve got your wish
talking to you
have become your habit
If I don’t get a moment, I feel restless
maintaining friendship
I have fallen in love with you.

Having found you, don’t want to lose you now,
Don’t want to cry now after being so happy,
This is the condition of our separation from you,
There is sleep in the eyes but do not want to sleep.
Happy Valentine’s Day

It is far away but I love you;
Even after your refusal, there is still waiting!
If it were easy to forget, we would have forgotten;
But even today this heart is restless!

gone away for a while,
But close for every moment,
How can I forget you for a moment
When love has happened for a lifetime.
Happy Valentine’s Day

How strange was the journey of my life,
The pain of the whole world turned out to be its destiny,
In whose name I dedicated every moment of my life,
It is a pity that he turned out to be oblivious to our wishes.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Shayari for Girlfriend

I think of you when I think about something
If I say something, your name comes
how long can i hide my heart
We fall in love with your every gesture.

Strange happiness in you
that we are lost in your thoughts,
Thinking of this you will come in dreams,
We sleep even during the day.
Happy Valentine’s Day

all the faces of this world
will mislead you..
You just stay in my heart
No one comes or goes here.

I just had a wish which turned into a wish.
Once upon a time there was friendship with you, now it has become love.
Somehow you got involved in life,
It has become my habit to think only of you
happy valentines day my love

Valentine Day Hindi Shayari Status for Girlfriend 1.

You feel loved by your parents
you look beautiful in the world
we don’t like you
I love you more than life

What did you learn today

I hope you like this article of mine Valentine Day Shayari in Hindi 2023 Must have liked it. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about Valentine’s Day Special Shayari to the readers, so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts regarding this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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