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Valentine Day Status in Hindi 2023 for Boyfriend and Girl Friend

by PoonitRathore


If you are reading this article then it is only fair that you too have this problem like others. Valentine’s Day on the occasion of Valentine Day Status in Hindi Looking for.

Valentine’s Day is an annual festival that is celebrated by people all over the world as the day of love. Every year people all over the world send Valentine Day Status and messages to their loved ones on 14th February. These Valentine Day Status Through this they share their love and affection with their partners, family and friends.

By the way, there is no rule to love, but if you express love, that too through Messages, Love Status, Shayari, then there is double benefit in it.

Valentine’s Day is not only the day of Girlfriend and Boyfriend, but it is a festival on which all lovers believe in spending time and talking with each other.

It is love that binds us to each other and forces us to care for each other. In truth, there is no relation between wind and love.

In such a situation, I thought why not share the new status of Valentine’s Day with you people, so that you will not need to search here and there.

From here you can choose Love Status according to your choice and send it to your loved one. Then what is the delay, let’s start, let’s read the best love status in the context of Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine Day Status in Hindi 2023

Love or love is such an emotion that it is not only difficult but impossible to express in words. In such a situation, Valentine Day Status helps you a lot in expressing your feelings. It is most important that you love yourself first and then others.

valentine day status

These Valentine Day Messages Quotes Often act like a reminder that you know how much you love yourself or someone else. On this occasion, do share Valentine’s Day Love messages Status with each other.

His move was enough to blow the senses of this heart, … now it has become too much since he started wearing anklets on his feet, Happy Valentines Day

Let me write my every heartbeat in your name today
Let me include you in my melody
ho ke teri main sanam
make you mine today

The rose you gave me….the love you gave me…
The memory you gave me….the journey we traveled together
I will not be able to forget as long as I live….as long as I live…

Valentine Day Special Status in Hindi

Why do I love a stranger so much
Why is there a confession of love on denial,
Maybe it is not in my destiny to get it,
Then why is he waiting for the same at the same turn Happy Valentine’s Day

You don’t get support again and again in life,
No one gets loved by love again and again,
Keep what you have with you,
once lost it will never be found again

What would you give happiness in exchange of tears,
What would you give beautiful flowers instead of thorns,
We want you to be with us for life
What will be our answer to this question?

Valentine kept doing Valentine… kept craving for Valentine’s day.. the day of love came and went.. we kept shaking hands like every year Happy Valentines Day

Valentine Day Love Status in Hindi

The rose was his in the book of the heart;
He had that dream in his sleep at night;
How much love is there for us when we asked this;
I will die without you, this was his answer.

It is said that love happens once.
But every time I see her..I get

gone away for a while
but almost every moment
how to forget you for a moment
When love has happened for a lifetime ||

There is no importance of words in Ulfat,
There is no sound of heart ❤️’s emotions,
Eyes tell the story of the heart ❤️
Love is not dependent on words…
❤️Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

Valentine Day Status 2023

The desire of the heart started coming on the tongue;
Saw you and life started smiling;
Is this my friendship or passion?
Your face started appearing on every face

Our people are many to say,
But when the same people call us as “yours”,
I swear to God, the happiness of the whole world is found.

Life shows so many colors, what a coincidence,
There is no age in love but…. There is love in every age.

It is not necessary that love happens only by speaking;
Love is also expressed in the eyes;
You look at us once;
Then see that you always see us.

we don’t need no words
love is just a feeling
Had you been near, the scene would have been different
But we have news from far away about your every heartbeat.

Valentines Day Status for Whatsapp & Facebook in Hindi

Some relationships are special in this world;
Those who are felt by the direction of the wind;
If this is not the attraction of the heart then what else is;
Despite being far away, how close are they to the heart

There is a small house in the heart!
There is a small sight there.!!
But this thing has to be hidden from everyone…!
That’s where your life is

You like rain, I like you in rain;
You like to laugh, you make me laugh;
You like to speak, you speak to me;
You like everything, I only like you.

Valentines Day Status Shayari in hindi

I saw it just for the sake of a glance,
What was the news that you will merge in every vein…
Happy Valentine’s Day

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