How to Create an Online Course


For example, if your company deals with the raw material of clothes, then you can provide a course on designing clothes. 

Do a Market Research: 

After finalizing the topic, you should do complete market research on your upcoming course. 


Just like we did while writing eBooks, you have to outline the whole course. Write about what you want your students to learn.  

Structure Modules:  

Structure the modules of the classes. Plan how much will they learn in how many days will it take. Don’t include too much content for any of the classes. 

Edit the material: 

Edit your content, which could be anything, videos, written formats, audio, anything. 


Test your classes on someone, by trying to teach someone. 

Pricing Model: 

Create the pricing model for your online course.  

Choose The Platform

Chose the platform you want to release your online course on.  


If you are short in your budget then find out inexpensive ways to launch your course.