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Why Gangaur is celebrated

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Do you know Why Gangaur is celebrated, Perhaps there are some people among you who know about this holy festival. I want to tell you that like other Indian festivals, Gangaur is also a very auspicious festival. By the way, India is called the country of festivals because many festivals are celebrated with great pomp in India.

There are so many festivals especially in Hindu religion that no one can guess. Because some festivals are of regional type, which are not celebrated in all the regions but are celebrated in some limited areas. Similarly Gangaur is a Hindu festival but not all Hindus celebrate it.

This festival is mainly celebrated by the people of Rajasthan. Talking about Gangaur, then it is a festival of Hindu religion which is mainly celebrated in Rajasthan. At the same time, this festival is also celebrated in some areas of Madhya Pradesh.

If seen, Gangaur is only a festival, whereas there are many such things related to Gangaur about which you may not know anything. So I thought why not let you guys know that Why Gangaur is celebrated, Then let’s get started and find out more about this festival.

What is Gangaur – What is Gangaur in Hindi

Gangaur It is a holy festival of love and family harmony, which is celebrated by Hindus. Gangaur is derived from the combination of two words, Gana and Gaur. In this, the word Gana refers to Lord Shankar and the word Gaur refers to Mother Parvati.

Gangaur is the main festival of Rajasthan and it has a lot of recognition there. It is celebrated with faith in Rajasthan. Gangaur is worshiped on this day, girls and women worship Shankar ji and Parvati ji. The story of Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati is associated with the Gangaur festival, that is why this festival has a lot of recognition in Hinduism.

As I have said earlier also, Gangaur is a festival of Hindu religious people which is celebrated mainly in the border areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in the country of India. It is believed that behind the Gangaur festival, the story of Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati of Hindu religion is connected. That is why the recognition of Gangaur festival in Hindi in Hinduism is somewhat different.

festival names Day festival dates
Gangaur Puja Friday 24 March 2023

How is Gangaur festival celebrated?

In Gangaur, the word Gana refers to Lord Shankar and the word Gaur refers to Mother Parvati. This festival is celebrated continuously for 16 days. Women celebrate this festival celebrated collectively for 16 days Are. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are worshiped on this day.

In this festival where unmarried girls worship Gangaur on this day and wish for their favorite groom, married women on this day Gangaur fast Rakh wishes for the long life of her Suhaag.

On this day, while worshiping Gangaur i.e. Shiva and Mother Parvati, women sing Gor Gor Gomti songs while sprinkling milk from the doob. Newly married women celebrate the first festival of Gangaur by coming to their home., Folk songs are also sung in the worship of Gangaur, which is the glory of this festival.

Why is Gangaur celebrated?

This question must have come in the mind of many that why is Gangaur celebrated at the end? The belief behind Gangaur festival is that on this day unmarried girls worship Gangaur, then they get their favorite groom and if married women worship Gangaur and keep fast, they get husband’s love and husband’s life is long.

This festival in Rajasthan 16 days Till is continuously celebrated with pomp. There is a saying in RajasthaniGangaur drowned after Teej Teewara stepwell‘ means that The arrival of festivals begins with Teej of Sawan and with the immersion of Gangaur, there is a break of four months on festivals.,

When is Gangaur 2023 celebrated?

gangaur festival The festival is celebrated continuously for 16 days., Gangaur festival starts from the second day of Holi and is celebrated continuously for 16 days after Holi. Gangaur festival according to Hindi calendar Chaitra Shukla Paksha The celebration of Tritiya starts from . According to the Puranas, the festival of Gangaur started from the mythological period and since then i.e. since many years ago, the festival is celebrated every year.

women who Worship of Gangaur Those women go to a river or lake to give water to their worshiped Gangaur on the second day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha i.e. on the day of Holi and immerse the idol of Gangaur in the evening on the third day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha i.e. on the day of Holi.

When is Gangaur 2023?

This year in 2023, the festival of Gangaur will be celebrated on 24 March 2023 i.e. Friday. The auspicious start of Gangaur date will be on March 23, 2023 at 6:20 pm. and the date ends at 5 pm on March 24, 2023; It will be at 00.

Gangaur Puja Timings

Tritiya Tithi Begins : 18:20 – 23 March 2023
Tritiya Tithi ends : 17:00 – 24 March 2023

Story of Gangaur

It is believed that since ancient times Mother Parvati did a lot of penance and fast to get Lord Shankar as her husband. As a result, pleased with this penance and fast of Mother Parvati, appeared in front of Mother Parvati.

Lord Shiva requested Mother Parvati to ask for a boon. In the boon, Mother Parvati ji desired to get Lord Shankar ji as a groom. Mother Parvati’s wish was fulfilled and the marriage of Mother Parvati ji was completed with Bholenath.

It is believed that Lord Shankar ji blessed mother Parvati on this day. the blessing of having unbroken fortune Had given. Maa Parvati gave this boon to all those women who worship Maa Parvati and Shankar ji on this day together with rituals and observe a fast.

How is Gangaur fast observed?

Its fast has a different significance in the Gangaur festival. On the Ekadashi of Chaitra Shukla Paksha, fasting women take a bath in the morning and sow seeds in a basket made of wood in the holy place of the house in wet clothes and these seeds are worshiped by Gauri (Mother Parvati) and It is believed to be the form of Ishtar (Lord Shankar).

Women observing Gangaur fast eat only one meal at night. Bhog is offered after worshiping Gangaur both the times every day till the immersion of the young.

In the establishment of Gangaur, things of Suhag are offered and after worshiping the ingredients of Suhag, these things are offered to Gauri ji. After this bhog is offered to Gauri ji, then the story of Gauri ji is heard. After listening to the story, married women fill their demand with the offered vermilion.

Importance of Gangaur Puja

Rajasthan Gangaur Puja and fasting have been considered to be of special importance for married women. It is believed that women who worship and observe fast of Gangaur are always blessed with happiness and unmarried girls get desired blessings by worshiping Gangaur.

in this worship Number 16 also has special significance It is assumed. First of all, this festival is celebrated continuously for 16 days. While singing songs in the worship of Gangaur, women apply 16-16 dots with kajal, roli and henna. The number of fruits and wedding items offered in Gangaur also remains 16-16 only. Women are also seen in 16 adornments on this day.

Folk songs are also sung at the time of worship in Gangaur festival. Folk songs sung in Gangaur festival are called the life of this festival. This festival is incomplete without folk songs.

Why only unmarried girls celebrate the festival of Gangaur?

The festival of Gangaur is celebrated by unmarried girls so that they can get their desired groom.

Which goddess is worshiped in Gangaur Puja?

Gauri ji is worshiped in Gangaur Puja.

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