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Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?

by PoonitRathore
Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?

What is 15th August? , Why is Independence Day celebrated on 15th August? , Significance of 15 August, How is 15 August celebrated? Indian independence day facts, When did India become independent? , Why is Independence Day celebrated on 15th August? Who hoists the flag on Independence Day?

Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?
Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?

Why is 15th August celebrated in India? Probably many of you will not have the answer to this question. India is one of the largest countries in the world and many festivals are celebrated here. According to Sadhguru, there was a time when 365 festivals in India Used to be celebrated but now gradually the priority of festivals is ending.

But still, there are some festivals that we celebrate with great enthusiasm. One of the festivals Independence Day is also. Swatantrata means freedom and day means day, that is, Swatantra Diwas means the day of independence. so I thought why don’t we Why Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August Get complete information about it. Then let’s start.

What is 15th August?

August 15 is the historical date on which India got complete independence. Independence Day is called Independence Day in English. If you are thinking that Independence Day is celebrated only in India, then maybe your thinking is wrong. Every country has been a slave of some community at one time or the other, and in such a situation, the day they got freedom, they celebrate as Independence Day.

Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?
Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?

This is the day when Jawaharlal Nehru ji, who later became the first Prime Minister of India, hoisted the national flag of India from the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort. Along with this, he also addressed the entire countrymen. in India independence day 15 August is celebrated. On this day there is an atmosphere of patriotism in the whole country because this is the day on which we got freedom from British rule.

It is one of the biggest patriotic days in India. The British rule was tyrannical to clever and they tortured us for almost 200 years. But finally, due to many sacrifices, we got freedom from British rule. The credit of freedom goes to every person who fought for the country by risking his life and making us free.

On the day of Independence Day, there are different programs in many places across the country. As much enthusiasm, as people have for Diwali, the same enthusiasm remains for Independence Day. This is the day on which every citizen of India takes pride in being an Indian.

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Why is Independence Day celebrated on 15th August?

Except for some countries, there is no such country in the world which has never been a slave of any community. Every country has suffered the death of slavery and some countries are still suffering this death in an indirect way. There is no doubt that British was a diplomatic nation and because of this, it was able to rule many countries and loot them badly.

In fact, East India Company Was thinking of doing business in India for a long time but one of the world’s most powerful sultanates, the Mughal Sultanate was established in India.

The power of the Mughal Sultanate can be gauged from the fact that at that time only the Mughal Sultanate was as far ahead as America is today. It is said that the Mughal Sultanate had more than a quarter of the world’s power in its hands, whether in military force or in economic conditions.

In Jung-e-Child, when the British thought of fighting Emperor Aurangzeb with the help of only 309 soldiers, they had to run away because only one loyalist of Aurangzeb arrived with 40,000 soldiers to teach them a lesson. It is said that there were about 9 to 10 lakh soldiers in Aurangzeb’s army.

But gradually the Mughal Sultanate became weak and there came a time when the British were allowed to do business in India only due to their greed for money. British started trading in India But seeing the simple behavior of the people here thought that it is very easy to rob them and they started adopting their diplomacy for this.

In the beginning, by provoking Jahangir, the British started removing the Portuguese from the way, who had come to India from a commercial point of view even before them.

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near Between 1615 and 1618 In 1860, British officer Thomas Roe obtained special rights for trade from the Mughal ruler Jahangir and started setting up his factories in different places. Gradually the supremacy of the company increased and they started establishing their rule in India through their diplomacy.

The British rule only saw its own benefit and due to this, they started torturing the Indians. Due to his increasing atrocities, there was a revolution against him in the year 1857 but it failed. But finally, after almost 90 years, due to the sacrifice of the revolutionaries, we got freedom from the tyrannical British rule.

We got complete independence from the British on 15 August 1947 and since then till now we know this day as Independence Day. That is why we celebrate Independence Day on 15th August.

Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?
Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?

Significance of 15 August

India is a democratic country where many types of people live. Different types of people live in the south of India and different types of people live in the north. Different festivals are celebrated in different states due to different beliefs and cultures.

There are many festivals that are celebrated all over the country, but the recognition of any festival is more in some places and less in some places, but Independence Day is celebrated equally everywhere.

On the day of Independence Day, programs are held at big and small levels in schools, colleges, etc. across the country. On this day our freedom fighters are remembered.

Everyone celebrates Independence Day in their own way at their own level. On the day of Independence, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the Indian flag tricolor at the Red Fort and Hazari expresses his patriotism in front of millions of people.

How is 15 August celebrated?

like every festival independence day Everyone celebrates in their own way. Those who are not able to attend any program of school and college or any other institution, that too through social media by remembering the revolutionaries of the country on Independence Day and By viewing content related to Independence Day Let’s do our duty.

If we talk about schools and colleges, then Independence Day is celebrated at different levels in these places. On this day, dances to patriotic songs, speeches related to the country, and plays full of patriotism are organized in schools and colleges.

It not only creates respect for the country in the hearts of the students and also awakens the feeling of patriotism in other people who come there. After these programs, laddoos are also distributed in most places, which has now become a custom.

Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?
Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15?
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Indian independence day facts

  • India is independent for 75 years.
  • India is named after the Indus River.
  • India has had 13 full-time presidents
  • There has been only one woman President in India.
  • India’s space program is among the top five space programs in the world
  • There have been 14 Prime Ministers in India so far.
  • There is only one female Prime Minister in India.
  • The national animal of India is the tiger.
  • India is the 7th largest country in the world
  • India is the largest democracy in the world.
  • The national flower of India is the Indian Lotus.
  • India is the second most populous country after China.

When did India become independent?

India 15 August 1947 Was completely freed from the clutches of the British people.

Why is Independence Day celebrated on 15 August?

Because India got independence on 15th August, we celebrate Independence Day on 15th August.

Who hoists the flag on Independence Day?

On Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian flag (flag) at the Red Fort in Delhi.

What did you learn today?

Although many festivals are celebrated every year in India, Independence Day has its own importance. This festival is not dedicated to any religion or any belief but to our country. But today’s modern age is unaware of the topics like why Independence Day is celebrated and the importance of its Independence Day. That is why we have written this post today.

I hope you like this article of mine Why is 15th August celebrated? Must have liked it. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about why we celebrate August 15, so that they do not have to search on any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

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