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Why is April Fool celebrated and how to make April Fool?

by PoonitRathore


why april fool is celebrated, April Fool’s Day 2023 will probably not be a new thing for all of you. Because all over the world, April 1 is celebrated on the basis of April Fool’s Day or Fool’s Day. People of all classes celebrate it with great joy.

Because there must be such a mindless person who does not celebrate April Fool to anyone else. Many people and children just keep waiting for this for a whole year and also keep thinking of new ways to make fool. It is not just a day’s day, but it is celebrated with great enthusiasm for the whole month. This festival is not celebrated among the people of any one province or one community, but it can be celebrated by anyone anywhere.

And the best thing is that no one feels bad if April Fool is celebrated because this is the specialty of this day. That’s why today I thought why not introduce to you people what is April Fool, since when it is celebrated, as well as some of the best ways which are going to help you a lot in making others April Fool. Then what is the delay, let’s start the history of April Fool.

What is April Fool’s Day 2023?

April Fool’s Day It is also called All Fools’ Day. It is celebrated every year on April 1. In this people make fool of each other for which they practical jokes And use such methods so that they can fool each other. When a person makes a fool of another person, then they end up shouting April Fool. It means they have successfully fooled you.

Whereas some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories, which they later bring in front of everyone saying that they have fooled everyone. This April Fool’s Day, 19th century It has become very famous since then, but on this day, a holiday is not provided anywhere in any country.

Why is April Fool celebrated?

Where April Fools’ Day has been celebrated for many years, but still there is no clear information about its origin.

Some historians believe that April Fools’ Day began around 1582, when France switched its calendar from the Julian calendar. Gregorian calendar In, that too only after the permission of the Council of Trent.

While some believe that some people could not get the news that when the new year starts, so the news reaches them. last week of March It had already happened, so according to a joke, they consider April 1 as the new year.

Historians have associated April Fools’ Day with other festivals such as Hillary It has also been linked with the festival, which was celebrated in ancient Rome, and in that people used to wear clothes like disguise.

While some believe that April Fools’ Day is associated with the vernal equinox, or you can say that it is the first day of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere, when nature fools people by suddenly changing the weather.

It has also been heard that April Fool’s Day Spread all over Britain, that too during the 18th century. Whereas in Scotland, this tradition is celebrated for two days.

Whereas in the present time, we celebrate it in the whole month of April, while all newspapers, radio and TV stations, websites also take part in it and fool their audiences in new ways.

How is April Fool’s Day celebrated in other countries?

Talking about other countries, in France, April 1st is also called poissons d’avril – or April Fish. On this day there people like to stick fish made of paper behind each other’s back and that too unknowingly. So that they don’t have any doubt that someone has pasted a paper fish behind them.

Whereas in United States, people like to scare and fool each other. Not only does he not limit himself to his friends and relatives, but he does not shy away from fooling even strangers.

In Ireland people give a letter to someone who is least suspicious and they are told to give it to someone else. When that person reaches that person with the letter, then that person also asks to deliver that letter to some other person. Because it is written in that letter “Tell this fool to go further”.

How to make April Fool 2023?

April Fool Day is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm. Where it is followed in different countries at different times, but all of them follow it only by fooling each other. By the way, if you also know some such funny pranks, then you too can celebrate it in a better way.

Then let us know about some such great remedies.

how to make someone pour water on himself

This is very easy to do, in this you tie the head of your kitchen sink with the head of the hose attachment through a rubber. When someone tries to open the sink, water immediately splashes in his mouth.

Can cover the soap with clear nail polish

You can cover your bathroom soap with clear nail polish and then leave it to dry. When someone wants to use that soap, it will not lather and they will feel that the soap is not working.

Remove Batteries from Remotes

This small trick can be very effective. In this, you just have to take out the batteries of your remote and keep them. Or if you want, you can also keep a note in exchange of those batteries in which April Fool is written.

Sign of “wet paint”

This trick will be very interesting if it is followed properly. All you have to do is keep the sign of “wet paint” in such places where most of the people have to come and go. And if you want, you can enjoy this thing by hiding nearby.

As soon as people see this sign board, they become more alert and try to prevent themselves from getting painted. Which is worth seeing.

See more of the sky

If you are in such a public place where many people are also present. Then you can suddenly look up at the sky, even if you’re just looking at it, but try to make it look like you’re looking at something specific.

You can assure them that in reality they are also seeing what you are seeing. Once they are convinced then you can tell them the truth.

Using Whoopee Cushion in Chair

If you want, you can use classic whoopee cushion in any chair. By using this cushion, if someone sits on it, then a strange sound is generated which is very fun to listen to.
So you and your friends can make a good joke out of this thing.

exchange sugar and salt

This may seem like a very simple trick but it always works. Especially when someone is hungry and all he has to do is eat, then he does not see that he is using this box. Anyway, both sugar and salt are similar in appearance. And most people do not recognize these differences.

You can use small rubber worms in fruits

We know one thing that no one likes to eat rotten fruits. In this, you can make a small pit in the fruit and put the gum worm in it. Now give that fruit to your friend to eat, note that they should not see the worm part, whereas if they see that part while eating, then see their reaction which is worth seeing.

how to make april fool

Since our blog is a technology blog and in such a situation it would be wrong that I should not tell you such tricks which are not related to technology. Then let’s know about some such ways by which you can make April Fool.

Stick a note on the back of the mouse

This is a very easy and quick April Fool’s Day prank, in this you just have to stick a sticky note behind your friend’s mouse. Since most of today’s computer mouse are laser ones, and if something is pasted behind, then that laser does not work. You just have to watch your friend getting upset. it would be fun.

Show Fake “Error” message in Screen

It is common for computers to have frequent errors, and no one likes to see these error messages in their system. Since it’s April Fool’s Day, you can play a little prank.

In this you just have to take help of a fake error message. You can enjoy how your friend is trying to solve a fake message.

If you want to know how to do it, then follow the steps given below.

  • Visit http://fakebsod.com/ in your friend’s computer.
  • Then press f11 from the keyboard so that the screen goes into full-screen mode.
  • Then click on the link which says “visit BSOD page”.
  • Now leave the computer and wait for your friend to come.

Unplug the mouse or keyboard

Very rarely it happens that someone’s mouse and keyboard cable opens automatically. At the same time very few people look behind their computer to see it.

All you have to do is use this thing, and watch your friend get upset.

  • Keep in mind that you do not unplug any other wire except mouse and keyboard.
  • Tell your friend about this joke before the situation gets worse.

Set Shut Down Wallpaper

This method is so unique that your friend or colleague will be completely dizzy. As soon as your friend or colleague leaves your laptop or desktop. You put Windows Shutting Down wallpaper on his PC. Another thing to do with this is to hide all the desktop icons by going to properties on the desktop.

Now when he will see his desktop, first he will get upset thinking how the PC started shutting down. On the other hand, even if it is getting closed then why is it taking so long.

Slow down the mouse cursor speed

If your colleague or friend is not well versed in Tanqueek, then this act will make your April Fool a memorable one. Slow down the speed of the mouse your friend is using. You will find this setting inside the mouse setting in the control panel. On the other hand, in the new PC, it will be found in the Easy Access Center inside the Control Panel.

Use Cracked Wallpaper

This method is such that through which you can scare your colleagues, family or friends. As soon as they are a little here and there, put the wallpaper of the cracked screen in the phone. They will get restless on seeing this. If you can’t do this in their phone then you can download Broken Screen Prank application in your phone. There are many applications available on Google Play Store. Open this app as soon as it is installed and give your phone to a friend. Now as soon as he touches the screen of your phone, there will be a sound of screen breaking which will make him nervous.

april fool shayari

If you also want to know the poetry of April Fool Day, which you can send to your friends, then here you will find them all. I have collected all these poetry from different places.

when you go to the mirror
So the mirror says beautiful beautiful
when you walk away from the mirror
so says the mirror
April Fool April Fool

Kinna sona tenu rab ne banaya
Kinna sona tenu rab ne banaya
I made Tenu ‘April Fool’

what should i praise you
You are as cool as ‘ICE’
loving you is my biggest mistake
don’t be so angry
because today is april fools

Airplane is coming, look..
Fool is gone too.
Should have looked up.
Will Airplane come in Mobile?

so much we want you the world
People get jealous seeing it,
Yu so we fool us all,
But you become a little early.

Do you remember where we used to meet earlier……the train stopped, the window opened, eyes met and you said…..give me something in the name of Allah, Baba!!!!

You will be very happy
The thing is like this
1st april which is happening,
The heart must be tickling,
And why not…. There’s only one day in a year
Whatever happens only in your name.

What did you learn today

I hope you like this article of mine why april fool is celebrated Must have liked it. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how to make April Fool to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts regarding this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

If you liked this post on how to make April Fool or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.


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