Why is Friendship Day celebrated?

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Many people celebrate Friendship Day but they do not know that why do they celebrate Friendship Day in the end? Maybe they never thought about it. Someone has rightly said “ life is incomplete without friends ” because even if the relation of friendship is not a relation of blood, it is not less than a family relationship.

That’s why in today’s article we are going to discuss Friendship Day i.e. Friendship Day. Today, Friendship Day is celebrated every year in many countries of the world like America as well as in India. This day is celebrated in the best way by women, men of all ages with their friends, or rather friendship is celebrated.

But what exactly is Friendship Day? What is its history? Why is it celebrated? What is the importance of Friendship Day? Often people do not have enough information on this subject even today. That’s why today’s article is going to be special for everyone who celebrates Friendship Day and knows the importance of friendship, so let’s start this article without delay and know what is this Friendship Day in the end and why it is celebrated. is it?

What is Friendship Day ?

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Why is Friendship Day celebrated? (Pic Credit: India.com)

Friendship Day is called ” Friendship Day ” in English. This day is special for all my friends. On this day of love, brotherhood, all friends unite and celebrate this day.

Friends, the importance of this day also increases because of this. Because Friendship Day is celebrated every year on Sunday itself, so people of all ages, together with their friends, make this Fun Day more special. In fact, as compared to normal days, this day shows that “what is important for you in your life your friends”, let us know.

Why is Friendship Day celebrated?

We celebrate Friendship Day because on this day we make our friends realize how much they are important in our life. Through this festival, love, belonging and your feelings are expressed with your friends. On the other hand, on this day, friends and friendship are specially invited.

That’s why this Friendship Day becomes very important for us and our friends. At the same time, it brings familiarity to friendship and also strengthens the friendship of friends. On the other hand, on this day we should remember our good moments and remove the bad sequence. Because there is nothing better in the whole world than friendship.

How is Friendship Day celebrated?

A friend ties friendship band to another friend, gifts Friendship Day T-shirts, and friends who are unable to meet, through social media with all their new and old friends a Happy Friendship Day in memory of this day. And ask to keep the relationship of friendship like this.

Although every day of friendship is special, in today’s hectic life, those who are unable to meet due to lack of time, definitely take out time to meet on this day and on this day the old bitterness with a friend. Friendship starts by tying a band of friendship away and again.

Nowadays on Friendship Day, friends party together in the canteen, refresh old memories, play, and thus this festival of Friendship Day is celebrated.

When is Friendship Day celebrated?

Friendship is celebrated all over the world on the first Sunday of August every year. This year in the year 2022, Friendship Day will be celebrated on 7 August.

However, it is important for you to know that World Friendship Day is celebrated by the United Nations on the 30th of July. But there are many such countries of the world including India where Friendship Day is celebrated in the first week of August.

Actually, the style of celebrating this day in different countries around the world is different. At present, Friendship Day is also being celebrated in India like the culture of western countries which is International Friendship Day in India.

Now the question comes that when did the celebration of Friendship Day begin? To know this we have to go into history.

Friendship dayWhen is it celebrated
National Friendship Day (National Friendship Day)First Sunday of August
Women’s Friendship DayThird Sunday of August
International Friendship Month (International Friendship Month)February
Old Friends | new friends weekThird week of May

History of celebrating Friendship Day?

Celebrating Friendship Day was first started in the year 1958 when for the first time in Paraguay a day was celebrated as International Friendship Day. But at that time the style of celebrating Friendship Day was slightly different.

Friendship Day greetings were sent through greeting cards, but as the Internet spread, this day was celebrated as Friendship Day in other countries of the world.

In fact, for the first time, this idea of ​​celebrating Friendship Day was proposed by “Dr Ramon Artemio Bracco ”. In fact, this meeting organized for friendship gave birth to the “World Friendship Crusade””.

How did Friendship Day start?

Actually, there is an interesting story behind this in which in the year 1935 a person was killed by the US government for his punishment. After which the friend of the person killed was very hurt by this incident and he also committed suicide.

And thus because of this sacrifice made in memory of the friend, the government decided to celebrate the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day. And since then the day of friendship is being celebrated and at present, friendship day is celebrated not only in western countries but also in other countries of Asia.

It is important for you to know here that this festival of friendship is celebrated on different dates for different purposes apart from friendship day.

National Friendship Day – First Sunday of August

Women’s Friendship Day – Third Sunday of August.

International Friendship Day – International Friendship and Old Friends New Friends Week Third week of May.

Why is there friendship day ?

The relationship of friendship is one of the most precious relationships, the example of friendship is given since ancient times! However, now the times have changed. But even today we get to see many examples of friendship in personal life.

Like other festivals as Friendship Day ” friendship day gift-giving” in which the wishes of each other Friendship Day they feel neck, and erasing Friends Forever band chronic throat-Shikvon put it to one another. Therefore, this day of friendship reminds all friends to maintain this relationship of friendship.

Why is Friendship Day so important for everyone?

There are many reasons behind the importance of Friendship Day. Let’s look at those reasons.

  • It is these friends who make us laugh even in our bad circumstances.
  • These are the friends with whom we get quite comfortable and can talk about any subject.
  • It is these friends who always keep praying to God for us.
  • It is these friends who believe in us when we do not believe in ourselves.
  • It is these friends who teach us to live in reality and become a smile on our face.
  • It is these friends who stand by us in times of adversity. Whether it is financially or emotionally.

They stand by us even when no one else is around, or even when we are wrong. Even though they and we do not have a blood relation, but I think we should be thankful to God that he created such a wonderful relationship. At the same time, those people are the most fortunate in whose life there is no shortage of friends.

When was the first friendship day organized?

The first friendship day in the whole world was organized in the year 1958.

Who introduced the idea of ​​celebrating Friendship Day?

For the first time, the idea of ​​celebrating friendship day was introduced by “Dr Ramon Artemio Bracco ”.

What did you learn today?

I hope you must have liked my article on why Friendship Day is celebrated. It has always been my endeavour to provide complete information about when Friendship Day is celebrated to the readers so that they do not have to search other sites or the internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

If you liked this post about why we celebrate Friendship Day or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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Friendship Day
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