Why is Hindi Day celebrated on 14 September in India?

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Do you know that, Why is Hindi Diwas celebrated on 14 September in India? You must be aware about Hindi language because the mother tongue of most of you will be Hindi. but do you know that Why is Hindi Day celebrated?, Hindi Day is celebrated in India. Hindi Day is associated with Hindi language. this day the Hindi language Hindi got the status of the official language of India, since then every year this day is celebrated as Hindi Diwas.

Hindi language is the mother tongue of entire India. There are many reasons behind celebrating Hindi Day. The main objective of celebrating Hindi Day every year is to make people aware about Hindi language. Therefore, I thought why not provide you this information that after all When and why is Hindi Diwas celebrated?, So without any delay let’s start.

What is Hindi Diwas in Hindi

14 september Hindi day It is the day on which Hindi language, which is most used in India, was given the status of official language. After hearing the news of Hindi being made the official language, many people protested against it, riots were organized but finally on the day of Hindi Day Hindi language as official language Got the status.

hindi divas kyu manaya jata hai hindi

Many programs are organized on this day. In these programs, competitions are organized on Hindi language essays, poems, debates, songs etc. To promote Hindi language, the owners of best works written in Hindi language are also rewarded.

Many Hindi lovers also oppose Hindi Diwas. Because according to him, Hindi is remembered by the government only once a year. Even today, Hindi is not used for speaking and writing in many offices and even if it is, it is not completely.

Even today Hindi language has not got the status of national language. In the programs organized in offices, schools, even in Hindi programs, foreign languages ​​are being used instead of Hindi language.

Name hindi day
Type National
Importance Ceremony of acceptance of Hindi as the official language of the Central Government
date 14 september
celebrated for the first time 1953
main event Many competitions, poetry conferences, award ceremonies, etc. related to Hindi literature, language, culture, education, promotion etc.

When is Hindi Diwas 2023?

hindi day every year 14 september Is celebrated every year. 14 September 1949 Hindi language was given the status of official language of India. Many decisions regarding Hindi language were taken on 14th September itself. For this reason, 14th September was considered auspicious to celebrate Hindi Day.

Seeing the importance of this day, the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru asked to celebrate 14th September every year as Hindi Diwas. Hindi Day was first celebrated in India on 14 September 1953.

On 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly unanimously decided that Hindi would be the official language of India. The news of removal of English language led to riots in many areas of the country. in tamilnadu January 1965 There were riots over language dispute.

Purpose of World Hindi Day

The basic objective of World Hindi Diwas is to spread awareness about Hindi in the world and to give respect to Hindi as an international language in the world.

The first World Hindi Conference was organized in Norway by former Prime Minister of India Indira Ji on 10 January 1975. After this, on January 10, 2006, former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan ji decided to celebrate this 10th January as World Hindi Day.

On this day, special programs on Hindi are organized with great pomp and show in foreign Indian embassies and government offices.

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Why is Hindi Day celebrated?

Hindi Day is organized in India on 14 September because on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India accepted Hindi as the official language of the Central Government. 77% people of India write, understand, read and speak Hindi i.e. Hindi is the main language of India but till date India has not got the status of national language. Even today, English speaking people are generally given more preference in schools, jobs, interviews etc. Even today, most of the work in schools, government offices etc. is done in English language only.

The main objective of celebrating Hindi Diwas every year is to make people aware about Hindi language that when most of the people of the country speak, write, read and understand Hindi language and use Hindi language in more than 50 forms in common conversation. Why can’t even official work be done in Hindi language?

Why is English language given more preference in jobs even today? Why even today Hindi language is not used in offices and government offices and even if it is used, it is not done 100% in Hindi.

Hindi Fortnight on 14th September

On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly of the country unanimously adopted Hindi as the official language. Therefore, every year 14 September is celebrated as Hindi Day. Hindi Fortnight is organized during this period.

During this Hindi Pakhwada, various competitions are organized in the Ministry like:- Hindi translation, Hindi noting/drafting, Hindi dictation, Hindi poetry recitation etc.

Features of Hindi Day

Hindi day It is a special day celebrated every year to emphasize the importance of Hindi language. Every year this day makes us aware of our main language and our culture. We and our future generations have to understand the importance of Hindi language.

Day by day the rate of Hindi language is decreasing and English language is being given more importance. Hindi Diwas comes every year to remind us that Hindi language is our native language and we have to take it forward.

Hindi is not only the official language of India but also the identity of India. hindi language in india Its history is thousands of years old. Hindi language is our mother tongue which we and our generations also have to remember. Hindi Diwas comes again and again to remind us of our culture, that is why Hindi Diwas is considered important.

History of Hindi Diwas

Hindi was given the status of official language by the Constituent Assembly of India on 14 September 1949. To tell people about the importance of Hindi, a request was made by “Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti” to celebrate 14th September every year as Hindi Official Language Day.

The framers of the Constitution underlined the importance of Hindi and gave it a place in the Constitution. Article 343 (1) of Part 17 of the Constitution of India states that the official language of the nation shall be Hindi and the script shall be Devanagari. After this, 14th September was chosen and it was decided to celebrate Hindi Diwas on this day.

importance of hindi day

Every year Hindi Day is celebrated all over India remembering the day Hindi was declared our official language. The Government of India is making many efforts to take the importance of Hindi to the world stage and to promote awareness about Hindi Day.

How is Hindi Day celebrated?

Programs are organized in many Hindi schools on Hindi Day. On this day, competitions are organized on poetry, essay writing, debate, poems etc. in Hindi language.

On this day, the importance of Hindi language is explained in schools so that people understand the importance of Hindi language and can use Hindi language as the main language in their daily work, conversation etc. The winners of these competitions are awarded prizes.

Many types of awards are also distributed and honored on the day of Hindi Diwas. Official Language Gaurav and Official Language Kirti Awards are given on Hindi Day only.

Official Language Gaurav Award It is given to an Indian person who has written a good book or article in a technical or scientific subject and the Rajbhasha Kirti Award is given to an office or institution which has used Hindi language the most in its official work and conversation and has promoted Hindi language. Have promoted.

Today’s Hindi was started in 1900

According to experts, the Hindi we write today started in 1900 AD. The first story written in Khadi Boli i.e. Hindi was Indumati. It was written by Kishorilal Goswami. Its Hindi language is largely the same as it is written and spoken today.

When was the first Hindi Diwas celebrated?

First published on January 10, 2006 celebrated I went. Or it can be said that the first World Hindi Conference was organized in Nagpur on 10 January 1975.

What is the importance of Hindi Diwas?

The growing trend of English language and Hindi Every year on 14 September across the country to stop ignoring Hindi day is celebrated.

Why is Hindi Diwas celebrated on 14 September?

Actually, after independence 14 september In 1949 the Constituent Assembly Hindi It was decided to make it the official language of the country. the first one hindi day in 1953 celebrated I went. every year 14 september in the country hindi day is celebrated Is.

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