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Why Women’s Day is celebrated (2020)

by PoonitRathore


why celebrate women’s day, Today women are achieving success in every field of life, be it sports or technology! Women are being honored for their achievements in every walk of life, and every year around the world march 8 To world women’s day K is celebrated. But very few people know about the history behind celebrating Women’s Day and its reason!

Today, in many democratic countries of the world including India, women have been given equal civil rights and privileges! And in every democratic country, March 8 is celebrated as Women’s Day. So in this post you will know that what is international women’s day, Why is it celebrated? And what is the history of Women’s Day in the world? And because of what reasons Women’s Day was started on 8th March.

Since women have a special contribution in the development of any country, so in today’s post we Why is International Women’s Day celebrated Will learn only on the subject of About which an educated and aware internet user must know. So let’s start today’s post and know what is this International Women’s Day and how is it celebrated.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day is also a signal to action to accelerate gender equality.

In fact, the main purpose of celebrating International Women’s Day is for women to get respect in the society, to become self-reliant and to inform them that they should use their rights and lead a respectable woman’s life in the society.

In this context, all over the world March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day, On this day all the women of the world celebrate this day happily without caste, political and cultural discrimination.

In fact, this day makes women realize their economic, social and political power, which is currently available to women in all democratic countries.

What is the history of International Women’s Day?

This history of celebrating World Women’s Day is very old. first time in the world 28 February 1909 International Women’s Day was celebrated by the Socialist Party of America.

in the history February 28 The main reason for celebrating the first Women’s Day was a movement. The foundation of which was formed from a labor movement when in 1909, in New York City of America, women expressed their demand for fewer hours in the job and the desire to increase wages more.

Along with this, women also raised their voice in this movement regarding women’s suffrage. Because at that time there are very few countries where women were given the right to vote.

After which in the year 1910, on February 28, exactly one year later, the American Socialist Party celebrated this day. Declared as the first women’s day of the world.

When and to whom did the idea of ​​celebrating International Women’s Day come?

Let us tell you that the idea of ​​celebrating Women’s Day was with a woman named Clara Jetkin! Along with being a German Marxist, thinker, activist, Clara advocated the rights of women in life.

For the first time, she organized an international conference for women, whose purpose was to organize women around the world and make them aware of their rights. in this conference 100 women from 17 countries was present. All these women agreed with this ideology of Clara Zetkin.

Since when is International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March?

tell you that 1910 After celebrating International Women’s Day for the first time in India, the official acceptance of Women’s Day was given by the United Nations in the year 1975.

When the United National Association started celebrating Women’s Day as a theme! Tell you the name of this first Women’s Day Theme Celebrate in the past, Planning for the future” Kept! And thus every year on March 8, Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world.

Let us tell you that this year the theme of 2019 Women’s Day is “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change” whose Hindi meaning is “Think Like, Build Smart, Innovate for Change ” Is.

What colors represent International Women’s Day?

internationally, purple colour There is a color to symbolize women. Historically a symbol of women’s equality originating from the Women’s Social and Political Union in Britain in 1908 purple, green and white A combination of is considered.

Where purple colour Symbol of justice and dignity. there green colour A symbol of hope. If White color It represents purity, but ‘purity’ being a controversial concept is no longer used.

Why is Women’s Day celebrated only on March 8?

There are some reasons behind celebrating March 8 as Women’s Day. In fact, there is an interesting fact behind this which we know about today, let us tell you that when Clara Zetkin presented this idea of ​​celebrating Women’s Day, at that time she had no idea about it. Fix Date was not set,

but when Russia in 1917 The despotic ruler Czar had to lose his power, at that time the women of Russia decided to go on strike in view of the shortage of bread and cloth.

And after this women’s movement, when the Czar’s rule had come to an end, the new government also gave women the right to vote in Russia.

So what a fun reason to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8.calendar” Is! Yes, because at that time the Julian calendar used to run in Russia, while the whole world followed the Gregorian calendar, due to which there was an up-and-down difference in the dates of these two.

According to the Julian calendar of Russia, the last Sunday of February in the year 1917 was on the 23rd! But according to the Gregorian calendar, this date was March 8, so at present, the Gregorian calendar is followed all over the world. Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world on March 8.,

How is International Women’s Day celebrated?

Friends, the way and style of celebrating Women’s Day is different around the world because even today in developed countries like America and New Zealand, Women’s Day is celebrated with great pomp.

This day is dedicated to women in which women are given flowers for respect, or on this day working women are given early leave from work! And apart from this, women celebrate this day happily in their own style all over the country.

However, in developing countries like India, still very few women are aware of International Women’s Day. But over time, due to the education and awareness of women in developing countries, the era of celebrating Women’s Day has started here too.

What is the purpose of International Women’s Day?

The main purpose of International Women’s Day is To express love and gratitude towards women for their contribution in our life and society.

It honors the strength and struggle of women who have broken all barriers and reached the pinnacle of success in every walk of life.

international purpose of women’s day It is also to maintain the level of equality between women and men. Due to this, the gap between these two groups is reduced. At the same time, women also get the courage to move forward from such a day.

Today, women all over the world Politics, Education, Social Work, Corporate, Sports, IT, Research and Development, Innovation and Miscellaneous Sectors actively participate in and have left their footprints.

Who is the main purpose of celebrating Women’s Day?

The main purpose of celebrating this day promote women’s rights, Apart from this, Women’s Day is also celebrated to give respect to women and make them feel special.

Who is the founder of Women’s Day?

Activists by the Socialist Party of America Theresa Malkiel The first Women’s Day celebration called “National Women’s Day” was held on February 28, 1909 in New York City at the suggestion of.

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