World heart day 2020: why ‘World Heart Day’ is celebrated, know what is its importance,Wishes, quotes, messages, greetings, WhatsApp and Facebook status to share with ones you care for

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World heart day 2020: ‘World Heart Day’ is being celebrated on 29 September. The purpose of this day is to make people aware of heart disease. The number of heart disease patients is increasing continuously worldwide. Doctors believe that during the Corona epidemic, heart disease is causing more harm to people, due to which the heart patients are forced to stay at home due to fear of Kovid-19. At the same time, patients are not able to go for their regular checkup. This disease often occurs due to wrong eating, being tense all the time and not exercising on time. Different institutions across the world make people aware on this day.

The risk of heart disease is increasing among the youth over the age of 35 due to inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits. In the last 5 years, the number of people suffering from heart problems has increased rapidly. Most of them are men and women in the age group of 30-50 years. People do not have time to keep their body and mind healthy and calm, due to which many diseases are being seen in people. Although the unlocking process has started, doctors say that people should now do at least half an hour exercise, move around a little but with a solution to avoid kovid, while salt, sugar and trans fat things Avoid eating. This reduces the risk of heart disease.

Cardiologist Dr. D.K. “During the lockdown, it was observed that people were more interested in different types of cooking and eating. As a result, they are gaining weight as well. As the coronavirus vaccine or treatment may take a few months,” Jhamb said , So we have to follow all precautions to keep our heart healthy in the coming months. ” Understanding the severity of heart disease, you should choose the diet that is right for your heart as well as the whole body. Keep away from fast food, junk food, cigarettes and alcohol.

Senior cardiologist Dr. Sanjeev Gupta said, “There is no specific age for heart disease, but due to our sedentary lifestyle, we have seen a case of heart attack in a person of 22 years. Withstand an attack, they have a high risk factor. So the best way to prevent a heart attack is to adopt a healthy lifestyle including 45 minutes of daily aerobic physical activity, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding smoking. ” If you are suffering from heart disease, then note that you have a stock of medicines connected to the heart. If needed, ask for additional medicines. You need to take care that you take the medicine with the advice of a doctor and do not discontinue the medicine without their advice.

September 29 is observed every year as World Heart Day to make people aware of cardiovascular diseases. On this day, doctors across the world, highlight the importance of a healthy heart and how cardiovascular diseases can be controlled and prevented. Doctors believe that premature deaths from heart-related diseases can be avoided if certain things are controlled and that’s why it becomes important to make people aware of cardiovascular disease. World Heart Day was observed for the first time in 1999. The theme for this year’s World Heart Day is “Use Heart To Beat Cardiovascular Disease””. So as you observe World Heart Day 2020, here are some wishes, messages, greetings and quotes that you can share with your family and friends to make them aware of cardiovascular disease:

Red heart with stethoscope.
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Wishes and Greetings:

Put a stop to all the problems related to your heart before it stops you. Happy World Heart Day.

Don’t let cardiovascular diseases ruin your life, stay happy and healthy. Happy World Heart Day.

Stress and tension is the root cause of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. So stay happy and keep on smiling. Happy World Heart Day.

Start caring about the health of your heart from World Heart Day.

A healthy heartbeat is essential for you to feel good in life. Happy World Heart Day.

Start caring about the health of your heart from World Heart Day.

On World Heart Day, start doing everything you can to maintain a healthy heart.

Start taking care of your heart before it falls apart. Happy World Heart Day.

Nothing can be more important in your life than maintaining a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

Make it a point to run every day to shed your excess weight. Happy World Heart Day.

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“I saw many people who had advanced heart disease and I was so frustrated because I knew if they just knew how to do the right thing, simple lifestyle and diet steps, that the entire trajectory of their life and health would have been different”

“I’m giving life lessons and tips on how to take care of your emotional heart, because heart disease is the number-one killer in America”

“We’re in a situation now where weight and extreme weight and heart disease is the biggest killer in this country today”

“The medical literature tells us that the most effective ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many more problems are through healthy diet and exercise. Our bodies have evolved to move, yet we now use the energy in oil instead of muscles to do our work”

“It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it”

“Think about it: Heart disease and diabetes, which account for more deaths in the U.S. and worldwide than everything else combined, are completely preventable by making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Without drugs or surgery”

“A controlled carbohydrate lifestyle really prevents risk factors for heart disease”

The adult and the child holding red heart.
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On the occasion of World Heart Day, I wish that your heart always stay healthy and happy. So take care of your diet and always keep your heart in good shape!

The best way to keep your heart in a healthy state is by eating right, sleeping right and not taking stress. Sending my best wishes on World Heart Day to you

Let us learn the art of winning hearts on World Heart Day

If you have a healthy heart, you can enjoy a happy and long life. So encourage your loved ones to go for heart checkup this World Heart Day for a smooth life ahead

Run for a few kilometers to burn that excess fat in your body on World Heart Day

Let us celebrate World Heart Day by going for heart checkups and promising ourselves to eat healthy and live happy. Best wishes on World Heart Day to you

You live longer and healthier if you have a heart that beats without any complications

Thank you, Stay safe and healthy!

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